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Not that excited for the 2011 NFL Draft

Just when all of our doubters (mainly Bears fans) thought we were gone forever, we’re baaaaack!

I’m sure you have questions on where we were, why we haven’t been posting since the post-Super Bowl bliss, or more likely is that you just don’t care.  Well, we don’t have any really dramatic stories to tell to explain [...]

The 2010 Packers: What a ride

Think back, for a moment, to where the Packers were a year ago today.

They had given up 51 points to the Arizona Cardinals two weeks earlier, absorbing yet another numbing playoff loss, and were swimming in questions about how they’d possibly be able to put together a good enough defense to get them deep into [...]

Still have a Favre problem? Lady Lambeau has answers

Hello OBOD Nation!

I was told there was a nation, but I got no love on my last post. Highly disappointing. Please, someone say hi or something.

Today I’d like to talk to the “fans”. Yes, in quotes. “Fans” are those people who claimed to be Packer fans when Favre was the QB, but immediately jumped shipped [...]

I love B.J. Raji

Love is strong word and shouldn’t be tossed around lightly. You should say it when you truly mean it and it takes a real man to come to terms with his feelings. That is why I have no problem saying this.

“I love you B.J. Raji!”

I want to yell it from the mountain tops and maybe [...]

The man who Packers fans should be talking about

Is Mike McCarthy a championship caliber coach? Is he getting too much of the blame? Will the outcomes in close games ever change?

Questions like these have been raised on our site and many other blogs this week in the aftermath of last Sunday’s loss in New England. While I agree mostly with what Gene and [...]

Examining the many layers of Rodgers’ concussion issue

If you’re anything like me – sorry if you are – you sometimes have trouble viewing things at surface value. You’re more interested in digging through multiple layers in order to get a bigger picture of an issue.

The current predicament the Green Bay Packers find themselves in with regards to Aaron Rodgers’ concussion (his second [...]

What I’m thankful for…

Yeah, yeah, I know – everyone writes posts like these around this time of year.

But, frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. I’m writing one, anyways.

The Green Bay Packers, as always, give us plenty to be thankful for. But what, in particular? Well, let’s get to some things now.

I’m thankful for Dom Capers. The job [...]

Releasing Al Harris proves good business sense

What is the old cliche?

I think it is, “It’s better to get rid of a guy a year too soon than a year too late.”

That is how I feel about Al Harris. I know this the third-day take on Harris’ release, but life has gotten in the way of commenting on it earlier. Yesterday, Chris [...]

Tossing out some Monday evening donuts: New York Jets edition

We here at OBOD don’t give out gameballs.

We give out donuts.

And, with the Green Bay Packers improving to 5-3 on the season with a 9-0 road win over the New York Jets on Sunday, we’d like to do just that.


(Sorry we never did a Minnesota edition of this, by the way. For the record, those [...]

A moment of spontaneous Packers appreciation

I know we all rag on Ted Thompson sometimes for not making the sexy moves that everyone wants him to make, but out of the blue, apropos of nothing, I’d just like to say this:

Isn’t it nice to cheer for a team with a plan? You know, one that makes sound football moves in the [...]