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Not that excited for the 2011 NFL Draft

Just when all of our doubters (mainly Bears fans) thought we were gone forever, we’re baaaaack!

I’m sure you have questions on where we were, why we haven’t been posting since the post-Super Bowl bliss, or more likely is that you just don’t care.¬† Well, we don’t have any really dramatic stories to tell to explain [...]

I love B.J. Raji

Love is strong word and shouldn’t be tossed around lightly. You should say it when you truly mean it and it takes a real man to come to terms with his feelings. That is why I have no problem saying this.

“I love you B.J. Raji!”

I want to yell it from the mountain tops and maybe [...]

Quick thoughts on Green Bay's 10-3 win and playoffs!

It wasn’t the best game the Packers played this year, but it also wasn’t the worst. In the most important game of the year, the Packers came away with a hard fought victory, which is all that matters. They also didn’t do anything to sway my opinion that they can go into Philadelphia and win [...]

Wrapping up the week: RFAs, a possible 18-game schedule and a plea for your help

It’s been a few days since we last checked in. Okay, five days.

Our bad.

With the week winding down, here are my thoughts on some of the major Green Bay Packers-related stories of the past, well, five days.

Williams joins Jolly in signing tender; Bigby appears to be digging in

Well, it appears as though cornerback Tramon Williams took [...]

Quick thoughts on the McNabb trade

Yes, yes, I know this is a Green Bay Packers blog.

Nevertheless, I figured I’d offer up some quick thoughts on tonight’s announcement that quarterback Donovan McNabb has been traded from Philadelphia to Washington for a second round pick this year and either a third or fourth round pick next year. After all, the trade does [...]

Ron Green Bay?

Monday, America’s favorite dog lover, Michael Vick, a.k.a. Ron Mexico (Google “Ron Mexico” if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’d tell you, but this is an all-ages site), officially finished paying his debt to society.

Vick will begin working with renown personal trainer Tom Shaw and could soon meet with NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell [...]