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Three months away from starting it all again?

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but for me, this offseason has brought a blissful absence from football. The Packers’ 13th world championship was so surprising, and so satisfying, I’ve been happy to let the prospect of the 2011 NFL season stay far away from the front of my mind. After the emotional grind [...]

Lady Lambeau's thoughts on Sunday



NFC Championship.

We made it!

Before regular season even started, I thought we’d be here. I was at the first training camp practice when I saw Finley in person for the first time. My jaw dropped. Dude’s huge! I looked at my husband with wide eyes and said “Did you see that guy? He’s a beast!”. I [...]

Trap games: myth or reality?

I have been struggling with a dilemma for a couple weeks now. Not sure which way to side with, so I turn to the only people who can help me, Ol’ Bag of Donuts nation. That’s right I am turning to our readers, the smartest football people I know. A nation of geniuses that display [...]

Ranking the injuries: Which are the worst for the Packers?

We all know the Green Bay Packers are a beat-up bunch. It’s something we at OBOD have tried to steer away from as much as possible because, well, we don’t like making excuses about our team. We’re just so un-Vikings fan-ish that way.

So, instead of simply griping about it, I’ve decided to go a different [...]

As defense loses another key piece, time for Green Bay's offense to emerge is now

Okay, now we can say the Green Bay Packers’ defense is devastated by injury.

Wednesday, we learned that outside linebacker Brad Jones’ season is indeed over. Jones has been placed on injured reserve and will undergo surgery on his damaged shoulder. The injury initially occurred in camp and was apparently significantly re-injured in Sunday night’s win [...]

Our second Packers podcast is here

We’re back at it with our weekly podcast, armed with an ever-increasing jingle bank and plenty of insults for Brett Favre as he prepares to invade Lambeau Field again. There might even be a visit in store from former Packers coach Mike Sherman! And of course, we break down the Packers’ loss to the Miami [...]

A Tuesday morning trip to the question department

And Vikings week, chapter one (technically, chapter three) has officially begun.

That being the case, there’s quite a bit of news surrounding the Green Bay Packers, a team that’s lost three of four and desperately needs to right the ship.

What better time than now to make a trip back to the question department, right? After all, [...]

Regular season game six vs. Miami: Rodgers’ regression troubling

The 2010 season was supposed to be the year of Aaron Rodgers, the year he joined the truly elite group of signal-callers in the NFL.

His face was on the cover of every football-related magazine over the summer. Fans, analysts and media members alike gushed over what he would do. His time had come.

Six games into [...]

The 2010 Packers, five games in: Let reality be reality

(Note: My streak of game recaps is officially over at 29. Don’t worry – I’ll start a new one Sunday.)

As Gene, Adam and myself exited FedEx Field on Sunday, following the Green Bay Packers’ gutwrenching 16-13 overtime loss to the Washington Redskins, we found ourselves using variations of the same phrase over and over:

This team just [...]

Jermichael Finley's injury a major blow for Packers

From a purely unscientific standpoint, it seems like the Packers alternate between years where they’re relatively healthy and years where they cannot catch a break. I thought the 2009 season was the former – despite losing Al Harris and Aaron Kampman in the same game, the Packers had most of their top players at the [...]