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Setting some celebration ground rules

If you live in Wisconsin this week, these are wonderful times. The Packers are world champions for the 13th time. The three Lombardi Trophies proudly displayed in the final room of the Packers Hall of Fame are about to get a new friend. (Side note: We love the spotlights on the trophies, the music playing [...]

The 2010 Packers: What a ride

Think back, for a moment, to where the Packers were a year ago today.

They had given up 51 points to the Arizona Cardinals two weeks earlier, absorbing yet another numbing playoff loss, and were swimming in questions about how they’d possibly be able to put together a good enough defense to get them deep into [...]

Division playoff round at Atlanta: Rodgers moves closer to exorcising Favre's ghost

First, let’s get this out of the way: Brett Favre never did anything in a playoff game along the lines of what Aaron Rodgers did last night. Not even close.

From a passer rating standpoint, Favre’s best playoff game in a Packers uniform was the team’s divisional playoff win over Seattle in 2007, when he posted [...]

Still have a Favre problem? Lady Lambeau has answers

Hello OBOD Nation!

I was told there was a nation, but I got no love on my last post. Highly disappointing. Please, someone say hi or something.

Today I’d like to talk to the “fans”. Yes, in quotes. “Fans” are those people who claimed to be Packer fans when Favre was the QB, but immediately jumped shipped [...]

Regular season game fourteen at New England: Laying it all on the table

Before we begin, dear readers, I feel I must warn you.

The game recap you’re about to read will have little to do with what transpired Sunday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. No, Gene (as always) covered that brilliantly earlier Monday. A 31-27 loss that should have been a win. Green Bay Packers 8-6. Losers [...]

Comparing Brady's streak to that of Favre's

In guiding his team to a 45-3 blowout win over the New York Jets on Dec. 6, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady set an NFL record for most consecutive regular season home wins at 26.

In case you weren’t sure, the record had previously been held by a man we know (all too) well: Brett [...]

Examining the many layers of Rodgers’ concussion issue

If you’re anything like me – sorry if you are – you sometimes have trouble viewing things at surface value. You’re more interested in digging through multiple layers in order to get a bigger picture of an issue.

The current predicament the Green Bay Packers find themselves in with regards to Aaron Rodgers’ concussion (his second [...]

The requiem of the White Knight

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

- The Dark Knight (2008)

This whole season I kept coming back to this quote when thinking of Brett Favre.¬† The night his streak ends I find it fitting to put this all into context…one…last…time.

We [...]

Despite different beginnings, Rodgers and Ryan have succeeded under enormous pressure

Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are strikingly different – and strikingly similar.

Rodgers is a West Coast kid, through and through. He grew up in Chico, California, and played college ball at Butte College before transfering to Cal. Ryan cut his teeth on the East Coast, growing up in Pennsylvania before making a name for himself at [...]

Tossing out some Monday morning donuts: Sweeping Minnesota - yes! - edition

We here at OBOD don’t hand out game balls.

We hand out donuts.

And with the Green Bay Packers improving to 7-3 on the season with their 31-3 stomping of the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, we’d like to do that…now.

If these make you hungry, well, I can’t say I blame you.

A strawberry-filled, glazed donut goes to…Greg Jennings. [...]