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Three months away from starting it all again?

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but for me, this offseason has brought a blissful absence from football. The Packers’ 13th world championship was so surprising, and so satisfying, I’ve been happy to let the prospect of the 2011 NFL season stay far away from the front of my mind. After the emotional grind [...]

Setting some celebration ground rules

If you live in Wisconsin this week, these are wonderful times. The Packers are world champions for the 13th time. The three Lombardi Trophies proudly displayed in the final room of the Packers Hall of Fame are about to get a new friend. (Side note: We love the spotlights on the trophies, the music playing [...]

Titletown again

We’ll have much more on this tomorrow — the Packers’ 13th world championship hasn’t sunk in yet for me, as it probably hasn’t for most of you — but in the meantime, here are some quick thoughts on the 31-25 Super Bowl win over the Steelers:


–With that out of the [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A Super Bowl edition

So if you have listened to our podcasts, (which you should) you know we have a Steelers friend – Dave from South Bend. Well, Dave is actually born and bred in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Why is he a Steelers fan we still don’t know, even after prodding him during our podcast. Anyways, Dave is also a [...]

Rodgers needs to be like Roethlisberger Sunday

It seems like everyone is breaking down X’s and O’s (or the weather forecast for an INDOOR game) this week. And rightfully so since this is the biggest sporting event of the year.  Who will block Raji? Can Clifton and Bulaga slow down Harrison?  Who will win in the battle of the defensive minds?

All fair [...]

Are the 2010 Packers the best six-loss team ever?

That’s the question posed by a Wall Street Journal story today.

All of us who have watched the Packers this year know how close this team was to being, say, 13-3 or 14-2. They got themselves flagged out of the first Chicago game. They lost to the Redskins after Mason Crosby’s field goal went off the [...]

The 2010 Packers: What a ride

Think back, for a moment, to where the Packers were a year ago today.

They had given up 51 points to the Arizona Cardinals two weeks earlier, absorbing yet another numbing playoff loss, and were swimming in questions about how they’d possibly be able to put together a good enough defense to get them deep into [...]

Lady Lambeau's thoughts on Sunday



NFC Championship.

We made it!

Before regular season even started, I thought we’d be here. I was at the first training camp practice when I saw Finley in person for the first time. My jaw dropped. Dude’s huge! I looked at my husband with wide eyes and said “Did you see that guy? He’s a beast!”. I [...]

The Green Bay Packers will defeat the Chicago Bears if...

No catchy, clever intro here.

Let’s get down to business.

Here are three things the Green Bay Packers must, must, must do if they are to advance to the Su…wait…I don’t even want to say that phrase yet…defeat the Chicago Bears in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game (still get chills writing that).

Win the special teams battle. Or, at the very [...]

Division playoff round at Atlanta: Rodgers moves closer to exorcising Favre's ghost

First, let’s get this out of the way: Brett Favre never did anything in a playoff game along the lines of what Aaron Rodgers did last night. Not even close.

From a passer rating standpoint, Favre’s best playoff game in a Packers uniform was the team’s divisional playoff win over Seattle in 2007, when he posted [...]