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Wild Card playoff picks, you think we would forget?!

So as I am writing this late following the aftermath of the Seahawks upsetting the Saints, we are all one in the hole this round. But so if basically everyone in the nation. We all made our picks prior to the game, so you will just have to accept our honesty.

Chris had a strong finish [...]

Week 15 picks, you know you want them!

So there are three weeks left and who will win the Ol’ Bag of Donuts weekly picks contest?

Well, Chris was giving me quite a scare before he kind of “crapped the bed” last week, going only 10-6, which isn’t bad, but not when Gene went 13-3 and I went 12-4. Gene is taking his brevity [...]

The picks have returned! The picks have returned

Okay, so we have to apologize.

We know you expect and love…like…tolerate it when we make our picks every week. And we know we already took one bye week this year. So, really, for us to take a second week off is just ridiculous. But we have an excuse – Adam and I were both in [...]

What's that, you say? Week 12 picks? Right on!

Unbelievable, dude.

That was my first thought upon hearing Adam’s plan for the week 12 picks. Since Mr. Somers has been in the lead for, oh, pretty much the entire season, he too has decided to take the brevity approach made popular by Mr. Bosling. Adam’s reasoning is different, of course. Gene sticks to one-word picks [...]

Bye week? Not for OBOD, Week 10 picks!

Ol’ Bag of Donuts does not believe in bye weeks. Just because our favorite team is not playing doesn’t mean we won’t give our GENIUS prognostications for this weekends games.

Chris and Gene both put together strong showings last week, but it wasn’t enough to gain significant ground on the clubhouse leader…yours truly, the man whose [...]

Jeez, is it week nine already? And, oh yeah - here are our NFL picks!

I seriously can not believe the season is flying by so fast.

It seemed like just yesterday that it was early September and we were all gearing up to get started. Now it’s half over. That’s a shame.

Still, this season appears to be as wide open as ever. Should make for a fun as hell second [...]

A political pitch from OBOD? No. Our week eight picks? YES!

Fans, we have to apologize.

We were supposed to run our week seven picks last week, but as you may have noticed, well, we did not. Last weekend was just so busy for OBOD (and by “busy”, I kind of mean “boozy”). But this weekend, we are clean, sober (everything’s relative) and ready to deliver some [...]

Week six picks? Hey, that kinda rhymes!

What a difference a week makes.

After spending most of the 2010 season lingering in last place, yours truly has fought, battled and scratched his way back near the top of the OBOD standings. Okay, so I did it mainly because Adam and Gene bombed their picks last week, but hey, I’ll take it any way [...]

You wanted the week four picks, you got the week four picks!

So, I’m an idiot (shock!).

This season, Adam and I have been trading off duties for putting together our weekly picks posts. Adam had a wedding to go to today (a 5:30 p.m. wedding on a Friday? Huh?). He asked me if I’d take his turn in the rotation, if you will. “Sure,” I said. “No [...]

Week three predictions? Oh, sure, why not?

Man, maybe having all three of us pick games wasn’t such a good idea for yours truly.

Two weeks in and I am already trailing Adam and Gene by more than a bit. Here are the standings:

Gene – 20-12 (11-5 last week)
Adam – 19-13 (10-6 last week)
Me – 17-15 (9-7 last week)

That being the case, I’m [...]