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Despite different beginnings, Rodgers and Ryan have succeeded under enormous pressure

Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are strikingly different – and strikingly similar.

Rodgers is a West Coast kid, through and through. He grew up in Chico, California, and played college ball at Butte College before transfering to Cal. Ryan cut his teeth on the East Coast, growing up in Pennsylvania before making a name for himself at [...]

Rivalry with Bears intense, but not as high a priority for this writer

As we all know, it’s Bears week and, oh, what the heck, I can’t stop myself: The Bears still suck.

Still, those sentiments aside, I have to make an admission that I’m sure will shock some of you. 

The rivalry with Chicago doesn’t hit home with me quite as hard as it does with a lot of other [...]

Ever-revolving cast of characters highlights Buffalo's decade of mediocrity

For nearly a decade – from 1987-1996 – the Buffalo Bills were a picture of consistency.

Jim Kelly was always going to be running the high-octane show and running it at an elite level; Thurman Thomas was, simply, going to be running all over the place; and Andre Reed was a lock to catch damn near [...]

Packers move to Rodgers allowed Eagles to gamble with Kolb

We’re going to be adding a new weekly feature at OBOD now that the season has begun. Every Tuesday (the players’ off day) we’ll be running a column on the Green Bay Packers’ upcoming opponent for that week. It may or may not touch on the Packers at all, but sometimes, of course, it will. [...]