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2010 Packers prove it just doesn't matter

None of it mattered to the 2010 Green Bay Packers.

Oh, it could have. At times, it probably should have. And for most teams, well, it unquestionably would have.

Injuries mounting at an (almost) comedic rate. Disappointing losses to teams they should have crushed. The weight of colossal expectations. Yeah – they were all there.

And that was [...]

Lady Lambeau's thoughts on the Super Bowl

The Big Game.

I think it’s safe to assume that every Pack fan has their vacation request approved for Monday, right? Win or lose, I do not want to be at work bright and early the day after the Superbowl. I have a few game day traditions and one of them might leave me feeling slightly [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A Super Bowl edition

So if you have listened to our podcasts, (which you should) you know we have a Steelers friend – Dave from South Bend. Well, Dave is actually born and bred in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Why is he a Steelers fan we still don’t know, even after prodding him during our podcast. Anyways, Dave is also a [...]

Rodgers needs to be like Roethlisberger Sunday

It seems like everyone is breaking down X’s and O’s (or the weather forecast for an INDOOR game) this week. And rightfully so since this is the biggest sporting event of the year.  Who will block Raji? Can Clifton and Bulaga slow down Harrison?  Who will win in the battle of the defensive minds?

All fair [...]