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Will there be any upsets or surprises in the 2014-15 NFL season?

With the NFL draft looming on the horizon, a lot of talk is occurring right now regarding the upcoming season. With free agent movements completed, some teams have already been winners in that regard while others haven’t fared as well. On top of that, the official release of every team’s NFL schedule occurred which let [...]

A look at where the Packers stand, position-by-position, as the offseason begins: Part Three

Alright, this is it.

It’s time for the final installment of our position-by-position look at where the Green Bay Packers stand right now. And in this final chapter, we’re in for some rough sledding. The positions covered here are in considerable flux at best and disasters at worst. So if you’re into that sort of thing, [...]

A look at where the Packers stand, position-by-position, as the offseason begins: Part Two

Okay, gang, we promised you part two and here it is. Things were certainly rosy with regards to part one – the Green Bay Packers are looking good at quarterback, running back and offensive line. It gets a little choppier as we progress in part two, but overall, the outlook for the positions covered here [...]

A look at where the Packers stand, position-by-position, as the offseason begins

Now that we’ve all had a minute to digest the loss to San Francisco, it’s time to delve in to some offseason talk.

Oh, you thought we already did with our post after the Niners game? No, no, that was just us testing the waters – wading in up to our ankles, if you will. We’re [...]

Raising hands so the world may hear: Gridiron stars and poker pros push the chips for Africa

Poker has been an effective fundraising vehicle for numerous charity foundations and advocacies throughout the years.

In these charity poker events, it’s not uncommon to see tables packed with athletes from basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, mixed martial arts and football (among other sports) playing for a good cause and having a good time. One of the [...]

So, should we continue talking about the 2013 season? Sure, why not!

I promised you a second part of our early offseason primer for the Green Bay Packers and dammit, that’s what you’re going to get.

Right. Now.

Part one, for those who missed it (shame on you if you are one such person), can be found here. In part two, we’re talking contracts, the draft and free agency, [...]

So, should we talk about the 2013 season already? Yeah, we probably should

The 2012 season is over for the Green Bay Packers. And, yes, many are still trying to get over the San Francisco defeat and trying not to think of what could’ve been.

But, as we all know, the NFL never stops. That means it’s time to begin piecing together what the 2013 edition of the Packers [...]

NFL season preview: The OBOD trilogy concludes

Chris and Adam have weighed in with their preseason predictions, and a few hours before the Vikings and Saints kick off from the Superdome, I’ll add mine, too:

Know your enemy, version 2.2

We’ve covered the two teams that finished beneath the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North last season.

To close it out, let’s now talk about the offseason of the team the Packers are chasing for the division title: the Minnesota Vikings, back-to-back winners of the North.

(Vomiting uncontrollably)

Enjoy – or something like that.

Minnesota Vikings

Where they were [...]

Know your enemy, version 2.1

As promised, we’re back with part two: A look at the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears

Where they were heading into the offseason: The trade for Jay Cutler gave some Bears fans hope 2009 would be a good season. Not so much. Cutler was his typical up-and-down self, only this time there were more downs and ups (26 [...]