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Favre and Rodgers re-unite to present at awards show – where do we go from here?

If you were wondering when – or, maybe, if – we would ever see Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre standing side-by-side again, you got your answer Saturday night.

In a rather surprising turn of events, the pair came together as presenters at the NFL Honors awards show in New Orleans. Outside of four post-game meetings, by [...]

Regular season game seven vs. Minnesota: The bell tolls for Favre

For a good portion of Monday, I found myself thinking about what Sunday night meant to me.

Namely, I was trying to find the primary emotion I was feeling following the Green Bay Packers’ heart-stopping 28-24 win over the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field.

Was it jubilation? Relief? Vindication?

In some ways, I could say “yes” to all three. Emphatically, in [...]

Isn't it nice to cheer for a competent team?

I’ve spent the last hour going back and forth with myself about posting this; there are some of you who’d prefer we focus solely on the Packers and not touch the ongoing soap opera west of the Mississippi from them — well, I guess today, the soap opera is in Mississippi, but I digress. This [...]

Know your enemy, version 2.2

We’ve covered the two teams that finished beneath the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North last season.

To close it out, let’s now talk about the offseason of the team the Packers are chasing for the division title: the Minnesota Vikings, back-to-back winners of the North.

(Vomiting uncontrollably)

Enjoy – or something like that.

Minnesota Vikings

Where they were [...]

And so the dance begins...yet again...ugh

I reaaaaaaalllly did not want to write anything about Brett Favre’s latest fiasco. Really, I didn’t. That’s true of all of us at OBOD. Seriously. We’d rather focus on how the team is looking in camp thus far (and we’ll get cracking on that Wednesday).

But when you consider you-know-who is the starting quarterback for the team [...]

Life as a Packers fan in the Twin Cities - and why I hate Vikings fans

As I write this, the calendar sits on July 11. That really didn’t leave me a whole lot of options for this space.

Sure, I could write about some things that actually involve the current incarnation of the Green Bay Packers. But now doesn’t seem like the best time to write such posts – better to [...]

A message to Cavs fans from a guy who's been here before

(Before we begin: I’ve been sick all week and haven’t been able to update the site as much as I would’ve liked. Sorry.)

Cleveland Cavaliers fans, I feel your pain.

No matter the color of the jersey or the sport, it always really hurts to find out someone doesn’t care about you as much as you thought they [...]

Favre needs surgery to play in 2010, he says

Brett Favre apparently needs ankle surgery to play in 2010, according to this report from ESPN’s Ed Werder.

My take: Well, it’s official. He’s playing next year, and just needed the proper excuse to skip training camp. He’d be able to rehab in plenty of time, but if you hem and haw a little longer, have [...]

Judas gearing up to join Twitterverse? An OBOD exclusive

The Twitterverse was buzzing Wednesday with the news that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had, finally, created an account. Not surprisingly, Rodgers quickly built a massive following (us included).

(Quick aside: If more of you want to follow OBOD on Twitter, that’d be cool by us. Come on, guys. Please?)

While surfing around various Twitter sites Thursday evening, [...]

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Thanks to my dad for the brilliant catch. Now, the Star Tribune has been through a host of layoffs lately, so this could be a casualty of a thinner copy desk. But I don’t know — there might be a larger, more nefarious and more delicious plot at work here.

For one, it harkens back to [...]