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A loving (and mocking) look back at our preseason predictions

So, before the season started, Adam, Geno (we’re really liking this nickname for him) and I decided to hit y’all with a three-pack of predictions for the 2010 season. Not going to give you a link to those – otherwise, why would you read this?

With the season just past the midway point – and the [...]

NFL season preview: The OBOD trilogy concludes

Chris and Adam have weighed in with their preseason predictions, and a few hours before the Vikings and Saints kick off from the Superdome, I’ll add mine, too:

Round two of an NFL season preview

Like Chris mentioned in his epic season preview, it would be only a matter of time before myself and Gene chime in with our season predictions. Great minds think alike (at least we think they are great), so Chris and I like a lot of the same teams this year. However, there are some big [...]

OBOD's 2010 mega, super, epic NFL preview (predictions free of charge)

Monday marks the kickoff of opening week for the 2010 NFL season.

Indeed, it is a great day (especially if you’re off due to the holiday).

What better way to begin such a great week than with OBOD’s 2010 season predictions, right?

(Note: These are only my predictions. I don’t speak for Adam and Gene. Besides, I’m almost [...]

One more round of predictions

With mere minutes until Pittsburgh and Tennessee kick off, I’ve been poring over scouting reports, consulting with directors of player personnel and breaking down film before I file my preseason picks. Uh, not really. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. OK, maybe not that either. With all those chances to [...]

2009 NFL Awards Predictions

Similar to what Chris posted earlier this week, I am going to take a stab at who will win the awards when it is all said and done.  Full disclosure that my main motivation is to have my picks look better than Chris’ at the end of the year and not so much if readers [...]

2009 NFL Predictions (i.e., Where I make myself look like a fool)

This is, obviously, a site devoted to all things Packers.

But it’s not like we don’t know about the rest of the NFL. No, no – far from it.

That being the case, we at OBOD decided to give you our predictions for how the season will play out. I will be predicting the divisional finishes, playoffs [...]