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Staking out the enemy: Q&A Super Bowl edition

So if you have listened to our podcasts, (which you should) you know we have a Steelers friend – Dave from South Bend. Well, Dave is actually born and bred in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Why is he a Steelers fan we still don’t know, even after prodding him during our podcast. Anyways, Dave is also a [...]

Staking out the enemy: Guest Bears blogger

So all season we have done our weekly Q&A segment with an opposing blogger of the other team. Taking this is the third time we have met the Bears, you all have probably all grown to love Jonathon Carroll from either his blog Bears Headquarters or through Twitter. We have basically run out of questions [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Falcons blog

After surviving Philadelphia and Vick last week, well exercising some playoffs demons in the process, the Packers head to one of the toughest road spots in the league Saturday night. Matt Ryan is almost unbeatable at home, but the Packers came closer than almost any team has in the last three taking the Falcons down [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Eagles blog

Earlier this season, we talked to JasonB from the Eagles’ blog Bleeding Green Nation. Well, that was in Week 1. Oh my oh my how have things changed since September. Michael Vick was still a backup to Kevin Kolb. The Packers were 100% and gearing up for a special season. It is only fitting that [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Bears blog

Over the course the 2010 season we have met a various bloggers for other NFL teams, but really only one we have built somewhat of a relationship with, even if it is out of a combination of mutual hatred and respect. Jonathan Carroll of Bears Headquarters joined us earlier in the year for our weekly [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Patriots blog

So the two weeks we have failed to do the weekly opposition, the Packers lost to Atlanta and then last week to Detroit. That won’t happen again. We are taking no more chances, so in Flynn we trust, right!?

Ricky Keeler of Foxboro Blog joins us this week to help us breakdown the hottest team in [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with 49ers blog

With a week off due to the holiday weekend and quite honestly, the lack of Falcons blog (yes, I am calling you out ATL) we are back with our weekly Q&A with the opposition. This week Samuel Lam, 49ers blogger of the San Francisco Examiner joins us to help break down Sunday’s game.

1) With Frank [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Vikings blog

It has almost been four weeks since the last time the Packers faced their rivals to the west, but it seems like yesterday. Maybe that is because the Vikings have more drama than a movie marathon on Lifetime. There are still many storylines going into this game that we decided to turn to our friends [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Cowboys blog

With the Cowboys being 1-6 and without Tony Romo, Sunday’s game doesn’t have the same luster as it once did when the 2010 season commenced. However, there is always fireworks with the Packers and Cowboys meet as this rivalry runs deep through many games, coaches and championships. We invited the guys at Blogging the Boys [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Jets blog

I’m sure we all saw some of the Jets this summer, they were hard to miss. But how much do you think you really know about the Jets outside of the names on the back of their jerseys? Well, Brian Bassett of theJetsBlog.com knows this team inside and out, so that is where we turn [...]