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Ol' Bag of Donuts' July 28 Packers podcast

Well, dear listeners, football is back — and so are we. Adam, Chris and I dusted off the microphones, exchanged awkwardly bromantic virtual greetings and got back to the bid’ness of podcasting about your favorite football team.

We discussed the end of the lockout, the start of training camp and what we expect to see [...]

Ol' Bag of Donuts' May 26 Packers podcast

Well, we’ve been away for a while, dear readers. But we’re back.

After a hiatus through the first few months of the offseason, as Adam, Chris and I all juggled busy schedules with the euphoria of the Packers’ 13th world championship, we return with our first podcast of the offseason. In it, we discuss the Packers’ [...]

OBOD's Packers Super Bowl wrapup podcast

We’ve been working our way through a few technical issues, but our latest Packers podcast is here, and we’re no less excited to share it with you than we were a few days ago when we recorded it. For all those people who think we’re too hard on the Packers, who come down on us [...]

OBOD's final Super Bowl Packers podcast

In just over 24 hours, the Packers and Steelers will kick off Super Bowl XLV. All the talking and analysis will finally be over, worth about as much as the air that was used to breathe it into existence.

But hey, what are you going to do until then?

While you’re burning away the last few hours [...]

OBOD's (first) Super Bowl week Packers podcast

It’s Super Bowl week, Packers Nation, and we’ve got you covered. We’ve got our first of two podcasts this week ready to go — in this one, we look at a few matchups to watch and break down the Steelers with Dave from South Bend. Oh, and we’ve got a snippet of Favre news toward [...]

OBOD's Packers podcast for Jan. 28

We’re officially in the Super Bowl Fortnight (two weeks, for those of you not educated in Shakespeare), and we here at Ol’ Bag of Donuts have chosen to spend the first half of that looking back on the remarkable run your 2010 Green Bay Packers have undertaken to get here. Thus, this podcast will be [...]

OBOD's Packers podcast for Falcons week

We’re back with another edition of the Ol’ Bag of Donuts podcast, just in time for the Packers’ NFC divisional playoff game against the Falcons on Saturday. This is a jam-packed edition of the podcast: we took reader questions, previewed Packers- Falcons, discussed the overall playoff picture with our special guest David from South Bend [...]

OBOD's Packers podcast -- playoff style

Well, the Packers are in the playoffs, set to face the Philadelphia Eagles in the wild-card round tomorrow. And we at OBOD have a playoff edition of our Packers podcast ready to go. We’re previewing the Eagles game, offering some predictions — and taking a few shots at the Vikings, who couldn’t be with us [...]

OBOD's Packers podcast for Bears week

We’re all back from Green Bay, all still alive and (for the moment) all still in Minneapolis. So we got together at Adam’s place yesterday for a rare edition of the OBOD podcast with all of us in the same room. And this is a good one — we finally got our friend Matt from [...]

OBOD's first-ever bootleg Packers podcast

You asked, and we delivered: Chris and I recorded a very special edition of the OBOD podcast while driving back from Lambeau Field on Hwy. 29 last night. We discuss the win over the Giants, and what it means for the Packers’ playoff scenarios and Mike McCarthy. Plus: We take a wrong turn in Wausau, [...]