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Wrapping up the first week of free agency for the Packers: Non-Peppers edition

The point of this post is to catch up on all the free agency news involving the Green Bay Packers that doesn’t include Julius Peppers.

I kept thinking it’d be easy enough to do, but as soon as I thought that, MORE news involving the Packers popped up (dang, this team has been busy). So this [...]

He did WHAT?!?! Thompson stuns Packer Nation, signs Peppers

True story: I started writing a post late Friday night. In it, I focused on which side was right in the debate over how Ted Thompson handles free agency.

I just needed to add a few more thoughts to it and it would be ready to go sometime Saturday afternoon.

You’ll never read it now, of course, [...]

Think the Packers can't keep up with Seattle and San Francisco? Think again

Lately there has been a lot of hand-wringing amongst Green Bay Packers fans. Another early playoff exit can do that to a fanbase.

Fans are mad about the injuries that seem to plague the team every year, the continued employment of defensive coordinator Dom Capers and some are even beginning to wonder just how good a [...]

Dear Mike...I'm sorry

To: Michael John McCarthy

From the desk (or couch) of: Chris Lempesis

Dear Mike,

Hey man – how’s it going? Silly question, I know. You must be on top of the world right now (or, at least, 60 minutes away from it).

Anyways, I’m writing you today to tell you I’m sorry. That’s right – your old buddy Chris is choking down [...]

Comparing Brady's streak to that of Favre's

In guiding his team to a 45-3 blowout win over the New York Jets on Dec. 6, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady set an NFL record for most consecutive regular season home wins at 26.

In case you weren’t sure, the record had previously been held by a man we know (all too) well: Brett [...]

The requiem of the White Knight

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

- The Dark Knight (2008)

This whole season I kept coming back to this quote when thinking of Brett Favre.  The night his streak ends I find it fitting to put this all into context…one…last…time.

We [...]

A look at opposing schedules spells trouble for the Packers

Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions felt like a crippling shot to the playoff hopes of the Green Bay Packers.

A look at the remaining schedules for the teams Green Bay is chasing in the NFC playoff race doesn’t brighten the picture at all.

But first, a look at the playoff picture at the moment.

As of now, there [...]

Despite different beginnings, Rodgers and Ryan have succeeded under enormous pressure

Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are strikingly different – and strikingly similar.

Rodgers is a West Coast kid, through and through. He grew up in Chico, California, and played college ball at Butte College before transfering to Cal. Ryan cut his teeth on the East Coast, growing up in Pennsylvania before making a name for himself at [...]

A loving (and mocking) look back at our preseason predictions

So, before the season started, Adam, Geno (we’re really liking this nickname for him) and I decided to hit y’all with a three-pack of predictions for the 2010 season. Not going to give you a link to those – otherwise, why would you read this?

With the season just past the midway point – and the [...]

A moment of spontaneous Packers appreciation

I know we all rag on Ted Thompson sometimes for not making the sexy moves that everyone wants him to make, but out of the blue, apropos of nothing, I’d just like to say this:

Isn’t it nice to cheer for a team with a plan? You know, one that makes sound football moves in the [...]