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Lady Lambeau's thoughts on the Super Bowl

The Big Game.

I think it’s safe to assume that every Pack fan has their vacation request approved for Monday, right? Win or lose, I do not want to be at work bright and early the day after the Superbowl. I have a few game day traditions and one of them might leave me feeling slightly [...]

Lady Lambeau's thoughts on Sunday



NFC Championship.

We made it!

Before regular season even started, I thought we’d be here. I was at the first training camp practice when I saw Finley in person for the first time. My jaw dropped. Dude’s huge! I looked at my husband with wide eyes and said “Did you see that guy? He’s a beast!”. I [...]

Staking out the enemy: Guest Bears blogger

So all season we have done our weekly Q&A segment with an opposing blogger of the other team. Taking this is the third time we have met the Bears, you all have probably all grown to love Jonathon Carroll from either his blog Bears Headquarters or through Twitter. We have basically run out of questions [...]

Still have a Favre problem? Lady Lambeau has answers

Hello OBOD Nation!

I was told there was a nation, but I got no love on my last post. Highly disappointing. Please, someone say hi or something.

Today I’d like to talk to the “fans”. Yes, in quotes. “Fans” are those people who claimed to be Packer fans when Favre was the QB, but immediately jumped shipped [...]

Lady Lambeau is back!

A few weeks back we asked for your questions for the “new” Lady Lambeau. Well, we got one that we had to file away until Week 17 because it was more appropriate now. If you have forgotten about Lady Lambeau, well don’t be embarrassed. She was a guest columnist that we had when we first [...]

Behind Enemy Lines

I hope everyone survived Black Friday or their Thanksgiving hangover (not mentioning any fellow OBOD writers’ names).  Since it’s a holiday weekend, we figured we would provide a little treat for you in terms of some extended NFC North black and blue coverage.  Call it Behind Enemy Lines if you will.  The Packers vs. Lions [...]

for the LOVE of the game

Dear Lady Lambeau,

Have you noticed that many Packers players have really long hair? How long is too long? Any thoughts?

had it up to HAIR

Dear had it up to HAIR,

Yes, I’ve noticed. But it’s not uncommon around the league.

Nonetheless, every time the Packers take the field I cringe. It’s not the banana yellow pants, or the [...]