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Fantasy Football preview OBOD style

Just wrapped up my uber-crazy keeper league draft last night and the fantasy wheels are turning in my head, so it would be very uncool not share it with our great readers. Chris and I were talking and I half-joked that maybe I should write the fantasy preview solo this year since I won both [...]

'Real' Fantasy Focus

Chris loves to leave doors open for me.  Seriously, even in every day life he’ll write something or say something and sometimes it is just too easy not to respond. Perfect example is crying and moaning about his fantasy team this morning’s Week 13 predictions, breaking down pick by pick, trying to justify why his [...]

Fantasy Football Mania!!

Between the start of training camp and the whole Judas saga, we at OBOD realized we have been neglecting a crucial area of most NFL fans’ existences: fantasy football.

Seriously, how did that happen?

We’re not really sure. Just a total lack of judgement on our part, I guess.

Well, we’re very sorry about that and we’re going [...]