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Ol' Bag of Donuts' July 28 Packers podcast

Well, dear listeners, football is back — and so are we. Adam, Chris and I dusted off the microphones, exchanged awkwardly bromantic virtual greetings and got back to the bid’ness of podcasting about your favorite football team.

We discussed the end of the lockout, the start of training camp and what we expect to see from the Packers early this year. Chris Lempesis, who showed up in the best podcasting shape of his life, shares this year’s winner of the Chris Lempesis My Guy Award (the player he’s expecting to be the breakout story of camp, and you remember what he did for Des Bishop last year, right?). And of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t poke a little fun at the returning NFC North basement-dwellers and their silly belief that they can solve their quarterback problem with Donovan McNabb.

You can listen to it below, or you can find us on iTunes. Enjoy!

OBOD 7 28 11 podcast by olbagofdonuts

6 comments to Ol’ Bag of Donuts’ July 28 Packers podcast

  • Joe

    You guys didn’t really want James Jones to go did you? The three years for $9.3M is a steal and they are going to be glad they kept him.

  • Lynn Dickey 12

    Hey…it’s been a while….are you guys going to continue the podcast?

    Packers Therapy is on indefinite hiatus. I don’t want to see you guys go the same direction.

  • Bearmeat

    Agreed Lynn Dickey

    Where is OBOD? I liked visiting this website, and it seems like there’s been some pretty good Packers news floating around for awhile now… could have donut’s take on it? Please?

  • Lucas

    Where’s the writing??? I miss getting my Donuts during the week!

  • Lenny J

    This site was one of those I really looked forward to reading after each weeks game. We had a really good thing going last year, winning the Super Bowl sharing in the glory that is the Green Bay Packers….seriously, come on back guys and lets repeat this year!

  • I have been a Packer Fan, since I read Instant Replay. As an Army Brat
    1954-1967, we did a lot of time in Cold War Germany, and were deprived of such creature comforts as USA TV.
    Last Duty Station was Fort Hood Texas, and yes, I was an ardent fan
    of the Dallas Cowboys.
    I Saw the Ice Bowl, on a 1958 Zenith
    Black & White TV, (larger than a post WW2 German Refrigerator) and kept in storage at the taxpayers nickle, between 1962-1967.

    I cried like a baby, when Bart Starr
    flopped into the endzone.
    The greatest game of all time.

    58 Giants-Colts has NOTHING on this one.

    You sir, have a great blog.
    I really appreciated your All Time
    53 an Roster Series.

    You have my unpublished Email, would like to hear from you.

    Delbert Shims

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