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Not that excited for the 2011 NFL Draft

Just when all of our doubters (mainly Bears fans) thought we were gone forever, we’re baaaaack!

I’m sure you have questions on where we were, why we haven’t been posting since the post-Super Bowl bliss, or more likely is that you just don’t care.  Well, we don’t have any really dramatic stories to tell to explain our absence, just a little thing called ‘life’ got in the way.  Work has picked up for all three of us lately (unfortunately, we can’t make blogging our jobs), as well as our personal lives.  Gene said it perfectly about blogging after the Packers won the Super Bowl,  “Once we start writing about the offseason, it’s like we have to start climbing the mountain again. And I’m not ready to do that yet.”

He is absolutely right. We are still reveling about the Super Bowl win and why not? For many of us, that game was perhaps one of the most exciting days of our adult lives.  Not to compare us fans to the players, but it took a lot out of us emotionally and for us who blog about the team, it took a lot of time. So I guess my final answer is that we were burnt out and this offseason so far has sucked so for to write about for obvious reasons.  We just needed something to spark our passion again. And that is the NFL Draft.

Always the crowning moment in the NFL offseason, so who isn’t excited for the draft?

This guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am as big of a draft junkie as anyone. I can’t get enough of it. If you don’t believe me, check out the extensive coverage Chris and I devoted to the draft last year. It was one helluva a preview and while it took a ton of time to pull off, it was as much fun as I had as a blogger.

This year? I just haven’t gotten the itch. I followed college football closely last year and yet feel so unprepared going into this thing. There is no doubt it will consume my weekend, but I still have that ‘ehh, whatever’ sort of feeling. And for that I blame two people: Roger and Ted.

Not trying to be ‘Captain Obvious’ here, but it is no surprise that the lockout has sucked out a ton of fun of the draft and the NFL offseason in general. I am not about to get into a post debating which side is right and which side is wrong in this whole mess because that is just exactly what it is, a mess. It is just seems very odd that a huge, trademark event like the draft is taking place amidst all that is going on with the lockout.

Equally as odd, is the promotion and time the NFL is doing for this draft, an event that usually sold itself.  I was in New York last weekend and almost down every other block in Manhattan were street pole advertisements for the draft.  Not sure if this happens every year, but it just seemed they were almost trying too hard to promote it.  Even when I took “Lombardi” on Broadway, you couldn’t miss the draft promotions. Kind of sad almost that NFL has to generate that much interest for their marquee offseason event.

(side note: I might have to write a review for the ‘Lombardi’ play. If you haven’t been out there yet to see it, it is a must see production, even if you aren’t a Packers or football fan. Very well done.)

I also blame the draft savant Ted Thompson.  Not that it is a bad thing, but the draft just isn’t as much fun when you are picking last.  Especially when it is very likely Thompson will trade out of the first round to a team that wants to snag a mediocre quarterback before the end of Thursday night.  Thompson has always followed the philosophy of picking the best player available and there is no better place to follow that than when you are picking at the bottom.

Besides the Packers picking #32, it is my complete faith in Thompson that has turned me off on the draft this year.  Seriously, there isn’t much that Thompson could do this weekend that would have me questioning him, well besides pulling a Sherman and trading up for a punter. Like any GM, Thompson has had his fair share of misses over the years, but he has made good on more picks than not. And when he has made good, he has hit some homeruns. Just watch this commercial and remember that most of the guys were courtesy of Thompson, the same man a lot people wanted to run out town after the whole Favre saga. Also, Thompson has built a reputation as the best man in the business to sign undrafted free agents, a part of the draft that cannot be overlooked.

Would I be more excited about the draft if there wasn’t a lockout? Yes. Would I be more excited if the Packers weren’t picking last? Probably, but that would mean they wouldn’t be the defending Super Bowl champions. And with that, I hope I am never excited for the draft ever again.

-Adam Somers

4 comments to Not that excited for the 2011 NFL Draft

  • I look forward to reading your take on the Lombardi play, check out what Dave Robinson thought about it coming May 1 inside the

  • Bearmeat

    Man, you guys have come full circle since the game in DET last December…. TT/MM are a great combo – glad you realized it!

    As a side note – don’t a couple of you live in Minny? How’s the local vibe about using public funds to replace the Humpty Dump?

    Go Pack!

  • Well everyone wants a new stadium, but no one wants to pay for it. Not the Vikings, not the state, not the public. The latest is that a tax-hike for Ramsey County (where St. Paul and the proposed Vikings site will be in) may not be up for public vote and that isn’t sitting well. Basically, no one wants to use taxes to pay for it even though they just did it about five years ago to build the Twins stadium. I live in Minneapolis and as long as my taxes don’t go up, I could care less. The proposed site is in the middle of nowhere with no vibe or anything surrounding the area, so the joke is on them.

  • Bearmeat

    Thanks – sometimes the true “local” vibe gets tossed out in the “spin” of papers and the internet.
    On a related note – have you been to I went there to find out some of the news and I have never seen a more obnoxious site moderator than theirs. He HATES the Packers to a point where he can’t even rationally talk football… it’s kinda sad really, and makes me appreciate all the great Packer blogs out there, with people who may not agree all the time but are intelligent enough football fans that they can rationally discuss issues.
    Appreciate your site. I wish more posts would come up!

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