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Titletown again

We’ll have much more on this tomorrow — the Packers’ 13th world championship hasn’t sunk in yet for me, as it probably hasn’t for most of you — but in the meantime, here are some quick thoughts on the 31-25 Super Bowl win over the Steelers:


–With that out of the way, think for a second about everything this team overcame: 15 players on IR, two must-win games against playoff hopefuls to get in the playoffs, three road playoff games against the three highest seeds in the NFC and a Super Bowl matchup with a team that had won two in the last six years. In the end, isn’t it almost fitting that they had to win it without Woodson and Driver? In the end, there’s almost nothing else that could have been thrown at this team. They dealt with it all, and they conquered. Couldn’t be prouder to be a fan of this team.

–It’s probably because of recency bias, but at the moment, this is sweeter than ‘96. This team was expected to win it all, until it was ravaged with injuries. To overcome everything they did, and to win it in Jerry World — against the Steelers, with Favre watching at home — well, it just doesn’t get much better.

–Aaron Rodgers: What can you say? To win a Super Bowl MVP, with a three-touchdown, interception-free day, and to put together two drives with the game hanging in the balance…quite simply, it’s something Brett Favre never was asked to do in 1996, and couldn’t do in the Super Bowl in 1997. He’s the same age as Favre was when he won his championship, and unlike Favre, Rodgers isn’t playing with an aging defense. Holy cow.

–I don’t think too many of us would have faulted Ted Thompson if he’d taken the Lombardi Trophy, grabbed the microphone from Terry Bradshaw and yelled, ‘Does anybody have any questions about that Favre trade now?’ But he didn’t do it, and I don’t think he ever will. Thompson will get plenty of accolades for building this team, and he deserves all of them. This team was built in his image, and after weathering every test it could have possibly faced, it proved Thompson as one of the game’s best GMs.

–Lastly: You cheer for a team that dealt with more injuries than any squad in the league, and never complained about them. You cheer for a team that spotted its archrival a Hall of Fame QB, and still won a Super Bowl before said rival. You cheer for a team that’s poised to be the dominant team in the NFC for a long time, and you cheer for a team that proved, once again, there’s value in conducting business with class and professionalism.

And you cheer for a team that has a NFL-record 13 world championships.

Enjoy it, Packers Nation. We did it, and it couldn’t be any sweeter.

–Gene Bosling

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  • joepacker

    You cheer for a team that just does not quit. You cheer for a team that brings the trophy is back where it began, in the arms of the greatest fans in the world. And, you cheer for a team that is OUR team, and the world champions. And cheers to all of cheesehead nation, which is the whole world tonight. GO PACK.

  • Lenny J

    They made a believer out of me in the Atlanta game and I just knew as these last two weeks drug on that they would find someway to come away with victory and bring that Lombardi Trophy back home! It was especially sweet for me since the last time the Packers had won a Super Bowl I was still in my first year of living in Illinois, which made the transition a whole lot easier cause Bear fans were no where to be found! And now in my first year back home living in the state I was born and raised they have gone and done it again, Champions after overcoming insurmountable adversity. It is only fitting to me that they would, given the adversity I too have felt over the last couple years in my personal life. I will be savoring this one for a long time to come and the future is looking much brighter already. Green and Gold til the day I die, baby……Super Bowl XLV Champions, oh how freakin great that feels to say!!!!!!!!

  • Lady Lambeau

    AHHHHHHHHH!!! WE DID IT!! Lucky number 13!!

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