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Lady Lambeau's thoughts on the Super Bowl

The Big Game.

I think it’s safe to assume that every Pack fan has their vacation request approved for Monday, right? Win or lose, I do not want to be at work bright and early the day after the Superbowl. I have a few game day traditions and one of them might leave me feeling slightly fuzzy the next morning.

What about you, fellow fans, do you have traditions? Do you always watch the game at the same place or wear the same shirt? I have one thing I always do. Before every game my aunt D and I send each other a “Go Pack Go” text. It’s just a nice little reminder that even though we aren’t watching the game in the same state, we are still watching the game together.

As far as the Superbowl goes, I always watch with the same group of friends at the same house. We make food that somehow relates to one of the teams. Last year we had a crawfish boil. This year, we’re frying cheese curds. Beyond that, I’m not too superstitious. I don’t have a pair of lucky underwear, I don’t touch my nose ten times before kickoff (I hope you don’t either, that’s just weird), I don’t pray to St. Vince or wish upon a star. Nothing I do could change the outcome of the game.

But, this IS the Superbowl. If there is something I could do to ensure victory, believe me, I’d try it. So tell me…what are your traditions? Are you superstitious? Is there something you’ve done for every win that I should try? Maybe if enough of us touch our noses ten times it’ll work. Whatever your traditions or superstitions I hope you enjoy the game. Win or lose, we made it to the end.

Of course, winning would be way more fun.

-Lady Lambeau

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  • Lucas

    My main tradition has been setting aside bits of clothing. I’ve got a Packer hat that I only wear on gameday during the season, and a kelly green sweatshirt that I don’t take off the entirety of gameday. Pretty simple stuff, but I’m going overboard for the Super Bowl: I’m watching it at my buddy’s place (the Pack have never lost when I’ve watched a game there), I’m drinking Guinness (some of the great Packer victories have occurred while drinking), and I’m not doing ANYTHING tonight, so I can wake up early and get started on the day.

  • Jim

    Me, my father and Sister start every game with a carbomb, ans usually take a few more more for TD’s, halftime etc. Since the Giants game I’ve worn my Packers boxers and socks, a Lambeau undershirt and a Rodgers jersey. Go PACK!

  • Lucas

    I’ve been a goddamn emotional rollercoaster for about six hours now. I can’t even tell you how happy I am for our team, but most especially for the ONE AND ONLY MISTER PACKER DONALD DRIVER. Congratulations, Donny D. Noone in the history of sports has ever deserved a championship more.

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