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Are the 2010 Packers the best six-loss team ever?

That’s the question posed by a Wall Street Journal story today.

All of us who have watched the Packers this year know how close this team was to being, say, 13-3 or 14-2. They got themselves flagged out of the first Chicago game. They lost to the Redskins after Mason Crosby’s field goal went off the uprights, and lost to the Dolphins in part because of a bizarre penalty on Robert Francois. They could have beat the Falcons if not for Erik Wilhelm’s penalty or Aaron Rodgers’ fumble, and Greg Jennings’ dropped touchdown turned into a back-breaking interception against the Lions. And, of course, there were a number of plays that could have helped them beat the Patriots, not the least of which was the interception Charles Woodson dropped.

Drops, doinks and dumb mistakes alone cost the Packers just about every game they lost this season. Plenty of other things could have happened, of course, but if a half-dozen plays had gone differently, this team could have been the No. 1 seed without a problem. In fact, it’s not impossible they could have been undefeated.

Their point differential is the second-best in football, and since the Giants game, they’ve been winning with few mistakes — or in a few cases, winning in spite of those mistakes. It’s hard to say if this is the best six-loss team in history, but at the very least, it should be clear the Packers are much better than their 10-6 record should indicate.

Now just imagine if they hadn’t lost a dozen players to injury.

–Gene Bosling

3 comments to Are the 2010 Packers the best six-loss team ever?

  • Bearmeat

    hehehe – The Green Bay Packers are the first AND second best team in the NFC North! First, our ‘A’ team before all those injuries. Then our ‘B’ team after the injuries. THEN the Bears! Hehehe!

  • Nate-in-WY

    We’re the best 6-loss team ever if we win the Superbowl. Period.

    I’m thinking we should get a de facto NFC North Championship for beating the Bears last weekend. Or maybe the Bears could put an asterisk next to their 2010 NFC North Championship? Or at least remove their asterisk from the the Instant-replay game? That’s right, paybacks are hell.

  • GB expat

    This goes well with this post.

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