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One way or another, Sunday will stick with us...forever

“Flashbulb memories” is a psychology term used to define specific moments. Or, at least that’s what I think it’s called. I only eeked out a B in my Psych 101 class in college.

Either way, these moments are referred to as such because – for the rest of your life – you will be able to remember where you were, who you were with and even little things like what you were wearing or eating when you think of them in future years. Most of the time, you never see these moments coming. They just, well, sort of blindside you, leaving you alone to figure out how you’ll remember them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011 will not blindside anyone.

You already know – or at least, you SHOULD already know - that’s going to be one of those days. For the rest of your life, you will remember every little thing about that day. You’ll remember which jersey, t-shirt or hat you had on. You’ll remember who you were with. You’ll remember if Adam made enough food for everyone (which, of course, he will have done). Was it snowing? What was the temperature outside? Trust me, you’ll remember.

Packers. Bears. Soldier Field. For the right to play for the world championship (that’s what they give to the team that wins its last game, Vikings fans).

Yeah – it’s just like that.

Do not, for a second, discount what will come from the final score on that field Sunday. One side will be able to hold the moment in their hearts forever. For the rest of their lives, it will be something they can look back and smile at. If their team goes 4-12 each and every year for the next decade, well, that’ll stink. But, hey, remember when we beat (loser’s name here) to go to the Super Bowl?! How freakin’ sweet was that?!

The other side will be unable to shake the memory, at least in terms of their life as a fan. Okay, even outside of their life as a fan, probably. Let’s be honest – this ain’t just a game to us. Not when it’s Packers/Bears.

It will sting, it will burn. There will be wins in the future, big wins. Maybe even Super Bowl wins. And, yeah, those will be great. But if your team loses Sunday, you’re always going to be haunted by it. At least a little bit. Time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds fully, after all.

And two times a year for the rest of…well…ever, you’re going to be reminded of it. Incessantly at first, then less and less in the future. But make no mistake – you WILL be reminded of it. A friend, relative or coworker who roots for the other side will make sure of that, if Joe Buck and the rest of the national idiots don’t do it first.

The men who play and coach in this game will remember it, too, of course. But, honestly, this one’s about us. The people who comprise this game, they’re just sort of passing through, aren’t they? Winning would be great; losing would be a shame. But at the end of the day, their checks will clear. They aren’t necessarily Packers or Bears forever. It’s their job and, for most of them, it isn’t going to be the last one they ever have.

No, we will be the ones who really remember this day. Good or bad, it’ll be up to us to remember it in our own way. But that doesn’t make me nervous or scared or any other negative emotion.

Hell no – it makes me excited. I’m ready. I want this moment to arrive. I’m embracing it. Jay, Brian, Julius, Lance, Devin – hit me with your best shots. Something tells me my guys are ready. So, I tell you all, with the utmost sincerity:




-Chris Lempesis

9 comments to One way or another, Sunday will stick with us…forever

  • Anita

    I live 90 miles from Chicago. An NFC Championship that everyone thought would be so cool, so traditional, is the bane of my existence. The Bears bandwagon has passed through the neighborhood the past couple of weeks, and Bears fans have found their inner douchebag, again. I think they are making up for lost time. They know that Packer fans had forsaken them the past two years to hate on Favre. For two seasons it was, “Oh, yeah…Chicago…they’re our rivals, too. But I REALLY want to beat the Vikings.” This week, the Packer/Bear rivalry resumes.

    My stomach is in knots. I’m not going to make it until Sunday. I have to live around these people. I can’t take it if we don’t win. PLEASE kick their fucking asses!

    There’s going to be a ledge I’ll need to be talked down from, soon.

  • Beautifully written. As I tweeted today, I’ll be in tears and drunk by the end of the game. I just hope the tears aren’t Giants game of 2008 tears. That sucked. And I remember where I was, what I yelled at BF, and going into my room and crying. I’ll admit it, I was afraid Brett was going to retire and I was worried about Aaron’s durability. That seemed like an ending, which as it turned out, it absolutely was. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

    Mea culpa. Thank God and Ted Thompson.

    Bring it on. (But my stomach is as bad as Anita’s.)

  • mike D.

    I think we will win . . .

    Our offense will (I believe)will struggle, but our defense will make the play that turns the game.

    However, we all know when watching the Packers – bears, in the 4th qtr. we all ask, “How did the bears get so many points – they haven’t done anything. . . . and we should have more points – we fumbled on the 6 yard line, Hester went the distance, etc.”, but we can sack Cutler all day, we can force him into a turnover or two.

    No turnovers, no returns by Hester for TDs – we win.

    My prediction:
    Packers can’t run until the fourth qrt. 85 total.
    Rodgers goes 17 – 39 215 1 TD 0 int.

    Packers win 16 – 10

  • I hope that da Bears, don’t have an edge because they have seen us recently. Philly and Atlanta couldn’t look back at the first games because the Pack was a completely different team due to injuries. The Bears on the other hand played us hard enough to see our cards in week 17.

    I heard Kurt Warner say this week that Arizona used the week 17 game last season as a scouting tool and attributed it to the playoff success he had a week later.

    The Giants of ‘07 also claim that they benefited from playing the Patriots all out in a meaningless week 17 game. Are the Packers overlooking this, do we have an Ace in the hole, or are we just too hot for it to matter?

  • admin


    I believe there is some vailidity in what you’re saying. And I certainly wouldn’t go against someone like Warner.
    But I think this game is different for one main reason: These teams play each other twice a year. MM and Lovie know each other through and through. AZ didn’t know much about the Packers before that week 17 game. Ditto for the Giants and Pats in ‘07. This game will come down to who executes better and who doesn’t make mistakes. It’s kinda that simple. No aces in the hole on either side, I’d guess.
    Thanks for your comments.

    -Chris Lempesis

  • Bearmeat

    God. I. Hope. We. Win.

  • john

    Sat 4:55pm We are going to effing kill these guys.

    4:56 pm Shit I hope we don’t lose

    4:57pm The Bears still suck


    4:59pm This is going to be a close game

    5:00pm We should blow this sorry ass team out


    Anyone else having a day like this?

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