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OBOD's Packers podcast -- playoff style

Well, the Packers are in the playoffs, set to face the Philadelphia Eagles in the wild-card round tomorrow. And we at OBOD have a playoff edition of our Packers podcast ready to go. We’re previewing the Eagles game, offering some predictions — and taking a few shots at the Vikings, who couldn’t be with us this week.

Check it out below. Enjoy!

–Gene Bosling

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  • Where did you guys hear about the Orton stuff? Everything I heard the past 2 days has been Josh McDaniels trying to lure Tim Tebow to MN with him because Tebow is due a $6 million bonus and Elway isn’t really high on him going forward with the Broncos future.


  • admin

    It is all just rumors that have been talked about on the sports talk station up here in Minneapolis. The belief is that Minnesota will finally address their QB future this draft and will want to bring in a veteran for a year or two. Orton has a history with McDaniels and will be easier to get than Tebow. Orton is due more money in 2011, something around $7-8 million I’ve heard, but it won’t take as many draft picks to get than Tebow. Even if Elway doesn’t like Tebow, he won’t just give him away for nothing. So Orton could be the stop gap for Minnesota if they draft a QB high.

    All that being said, if Orton does end up in Minnesota I couldn’t be more thrilled because he is terrible. Just look at the second half of this past season.


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