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Quick thoughts on Green Bay's 45-7 WIN!!

Gang, as I begin writing this, it’s now 11:28 p.m.

In other words, this one’s going to be semi-brief (Man, I used to love night games. Not as much now that my alarm goes off at 5:58 a.m. every morning). Don’t worry – we’ll have a ton more on this later Monday.

For now, here are my thoughts on the Green Bay Packers’ dominating 45-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field tonight. As usual, in no particular order:

  • Okay, so I know the Cowboys have completely quit on Wade Phillips. But, still, damn it feels good to beat the holy hell out of those guys. I’ll never forgive them for wrecking large pieces of my adolescence. Never. No mercy, Dallas.
  • This was the Green Bay Packers team we thought we were going to see in August. Complete domination in all three phases. That’s a fantastic sign moving forward.
  • I have not seen much of Baltimore defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and little of Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu. With all due respect to those gentlemen, the 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year IS Clay Matthews. And, boys, you aren’t even that close behind. The guy is all effort, all the time. And he consistently makes huge plays when said plays are needed. I’m not sure I can love this guy anymore than I do now.
  • Then again, I said that last week.
  • And the week before.
  • Charles Woodson. Sorry for bashing you earlier in the season. You have really shown up these past few weeks. Doesn’t look like you’re done just yet.
  • While I’m handing out apologies, it’s time for my weekly mea culpa to Mr. Bishop. Making plays against the run and the pass tonight? Damn fine, Des. Damn fine.
  • Welcome to the show, Sam Shields. What athleticism on that interception. Methinks Al Harris is going to have a hard time taking that nickel back job away from you. On the other hand, make sure you turn your head around quicker on those jump balls in the endzone. Face guarding doesn’t work.
  • The Nick Collins hit was a foolish mistake on his part. And he deserved to be penalized for it. But, I do not think he will be – or should be – suspended for it. He has no history of such plays. On this one, the $30,000 or so he’ll see deducted from his game check should suffice as warning enough.
  • 383 words and no mention of the offense? That changes now.
  • Aaron Rodgers (27-of-34, 289 yards, three touchdowns, no picks) was the Rodgers we’ve been waiting for all year. He was flawless tonight. He made the right decisions at the right times, showing great balance in his passing range. Not too safe, not too gutsy. He can build on this.
  • Although, next time you’re running, Aaron, let’s play a little game called “never try for those extra yards again”, shall we? 
  • Good James Jones showed up for much of the night. Eight grabs for 123 yards and a score, with some tough YAC. Outside of his one foolish fumble, he was fantastic. Say it with me: If he can ever string these games together, he’ll be a hell of a player.
  • Greg Jennings is quietly re-gaining his elite wideout status.
  • Brandon Jackson grows on me more and more as the weeks go by. He doesn’t have a lot of skill in any one area, but he has enough of a combination of those skills to be special in this offense.
  • KUUUHHHHNNNNNN!!!! Feels good to say, doesn’t it
  • See, good things can happen if your guys play well, Shawn.
  • We dog Jarrett Bush on this site for his utter lack of coverage skills. But, as a pure special teamer, he can turn in some outstanding performances. Saw one of them tonight.
  • When I was making my prediction for Green Bay’s record in September (had the Pack finishing 12-4), I had the team at 7-2 at this point in the season (losing to the Jets and either Dallas or Minnesota). The Packers are 6-3, despite having roughly 84 players on injured reserve (weird, ’cause a roster only has 53, but whatevs). That says a lot about the depth and character on this team. Dallas clearly has neither.
  • Finally, it seems damn fun being a Packer nowadays, doesn’t it? Tons of smiles on this team. Clearly they were too bogged down by the expectations early in the year. Now it seems like they’re just having fun and letting their skills guide them. Those skils can guide them a long way.
  • Two weeks off. Let’s all take a minute to stand back and enjoy the ride so far.
  • And, oh yeah – bring on Judas for round two.

-Chris Lempesis

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