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Tossing out some Monday evening donuts: New York Jets edition

We here at OBOD don’t give out gameballs.

We give out donuts.

And, with the Green Bay Packers improving to 5-3 on the season with a 9-0 road win over the New York Jets on Sunday, we’d like to do just that.


(Sorry we never did a Minnesota edition of this, by the way. For the record, those donuts would have gone to Chad Clifton, Desmond Bishop and Pat Lee).


A strawberry-filled, glazed-covered donut goes to…Greg Jennings. Okay, so it was not a perfect day for No. 85. He only came up with receptions on half his targets (12), for example. But when you consider that he was spending his day on Revis Island, Jennings’ six catches for 81 yards starts to look pretty damn good, doesn’t it? Included in there were several key grabs that led to first downs. On a day when the offense was scuffling, to say the least, against an elite defense, someone needed to make things happen. Jennings was that someone, as it looks like he’s finally beginning to have the season we all knew he could.


A chocolate-glazed, chocolate donut goes to…Tramon Williams. Frankly, I’m running out of ways to describe the impact he’s having for this defense. Williams was once again outstanding Sunday, making an impact in multiple facets. His main job was to hold down New York’s Santonio Holmes. Done and done, as Holmes finished with just three catches for 43 yards. Everything after that is, as they say, gravy. Well, “Big Play Tra” certainly provided a lot of gravy then. Williams came up with two turnovers – a gritty, gutty interception in which he wrestled the ball away from Jerricho Cotchery and a fumble recovery. There is no doubt he’s Green Bay’s No. 1 corner now, Williams turning in a Pro Bowl season and on the verge of becoming an elite player. He’ll be a rich man very shortly. Teddy, make that happen, please.

Special teams

A multi-color sprinkled (they are the special teamers, after all) goes to…Tim Masthay. Sure, go ahead and credit the wind for Masthay’s strong showing, his first since, well, week one, really. That’s partially true, after all. But, for one week, at least, we finally saw why Masthay won the punting job in camp. Eight punts, 352 yards (44-yard average), including one touchback and five – five! - punts inside the 20. His long for the day? 55 yards. In games like these, you need the punter to be a weapon for you. Masthay was just that. Here’s to hoping he can build on this.

Finally, a two-day old, plain donut goes to…Actually, no one. Yeah, the offense struggled. But, hey, the Packers pulled off a huge road upset of the Jets. We’ll keep it positive for this one.

-Chris Lempesis

5 comments to Tossing out some Monday evening donuts: New York Jets edition

  • Lucas

    Listen, I’m as stoked about this Packers win as anyone. This was as exciting for me as the hurting we delivered to the Cowboys last year, and I was in the stands for that one.
    But let’s not forget the Jets kind of beat themselves. A LOT of Sanchize passes bounced off hands, the two picks Tramon and Woodson picked up aren’t the kind you can rely on day in and day out, and they absolutely murdered themselves with penalty yards.
    I’m super stoked about the win, but I don’t think you can extrapolate it out to the rest of the season.
    Plus, we lost a couple key games this season. We’re not out of the woods yet; not even close.

  • benny

    A wins a win, Lucas.
    The Packers were the better team but we still lost to the Bears, for example.

    Need a (should be) easy win vs. the Cowboys, then we can get our guys rested, retool the offensive schemes, and make a great run for the second half of the year.

  • aussiepacker

    Lucas, A ugly win is better than a pretty loss any day. I agree we have not reached our potential on offense yet but the defense is playing well with all the injuries and this game just shows we can keep up with any team on any sunday [or monday] in the league. Go pack go.

  • Two Jet Winston

    James Jones, please catch footballs.

    Thank you,

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