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A moment of spontaneous Packers appreciation

I know we all rag on Ted Thompson sometimes for not making the sexy moves that everyone wants him to make, but out of the blue, apropos of nothing, I’d just like to say this:

Isn’t it nice to cheer for a team with a plan? You know, one that makes sound football moves in the best interest of its future and doesn’t bend to the whims of a diva QB who wants to bring in guys he likes, whatever the cost? One that doesn’t, after having ceded complete control of this team to said QB, trade for one of those players, watch him underperform for three weeks and cut him, essentially surrendering a third-round pick for nothing?

Just wanted to say that. Why? No reason, really. :-D

–Gene Bosling

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  • JimR_in_DC

    Ted, quick! Put in a claim for Moss!!!

    Just kidding. Please don’t even think of it, Ted. :D :D :D

  • Nate

    Well, if 50 drunks are in a bar and they all say “trade for that player!” then I guess you have to trade for that player.

    I just wanted to say that.

  • admin

    Outstanding, Nate.


  • Matt R

    My goodness, the bottom sure has fallen out over there. I won’t be surprised if they are looking up at Detroit when the dust settles this year. Either way, next year is not going to be pretty. Whereas whatever happens this year for the Packers, next year can only be better.

  • Jose

    I’d actually like to see a Moss pickup:
    -I think we are a similar organization work ethic and loyalty-wise to the Pats
    -MM and A-Rod like to throw it deep to much anyway … why not use those 3rd and 2 deep balls to keep moss happy
    -He still commands double teams almost every game… i don’t see Jennings as a pure deep threat and with more attention on Moss I think he could be a lot more productive
    -We have an upcoming bye week to work on chemistry
    -No risk… we can just cut him right away if it doesn’t work out

  • ransaysthis

    Uhhh, no way, Jose.

  • bird

    The Packers are showing how extraordinary their depth is the last 2 weeks.
    Even picking bodies off the street that contribute THAT week speak to TTs’
    ability to identify talent.
    He is right more than he is wrong on player evaluation
    and without this rash of injuries, this team would be
    the class of the NFL this season.
    Appreciate what you have in TT.
    Pitty the fools that root for the Vikes & Bears to name
    just 2 close to home teams that SUCK in player evaluation.

  • bill

    exec of the year TT , i remember a couple of eons ago the queens and boars fans spouting off on the bf out of gb problem , now the tide turned and 10,000 mud puddles are iced over

  • bill

    almost a shame seeing mn and cowpokes at the bottom …….oops daydream over .1 msec

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