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Quick thoughts on Green Bay’s 9-0 WIN!!

I was going to wait until later tonight to post my thoughts.

Sorry, I couldn’t wait. The Green Bay Packers’ 9-0 win over the New York Jets was just too sweet (don’t worry, I’ll be back with more later this evening, anyways).

Here are my quick thoughts on the win, in no particular order:

  • Roughly two hours after it’s all over, I’m still floored by what we saw. What  a gritty effort from the Pack. Seriously, a banged-up team coming off an emotional win heads on the road to face a 5-1 team coming off a bye? And that team WINS?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?
  • We all picked the Packers to lose – OOPS!
  • Can they give 2010 NFL Coach of the Year to a coordinator? If so, Dom Capers might be that guy. I continue to stand in awe of what he’s doing with this defense, composed largely of rookies, backups and guys pulled off the street. Somehow, someway, he just keeps getting the effort from those guys.
  • Of course, it helps to have studs like Clay Matthews, Tramon Williams and (finally!) Charles Woodson. All three made humongous plays today, plays that ultimately altered the outcome.
  • Matthews just never stops. Never. At some point, he’ll get his. He did it again in this one. What a crucial sack of Mark Sanchez.
  • Ted, pay Tramon. Thank you.
  • Desmond Bishop – this crow I’m eating tastes pretty damn good. Please, sir, may I have some more?
  • Another great showing from the offensive line. Only two sacks and five QB hits allowed, along with great blitz pickups throughout the day.
  • Aaron Rodgers – not good enough. But that’s a damn good defense you faced. I’ll let this one slide, but at some point soon, you have to get it going. I know you can.
  • Six catches, 81 yards – yeah, I’d say Greg Jennings did okay for himself on Revis Island, wouldn’t you?
  • James Jones, you continue to frustrate me. You can’t drop balls like that. That would have busted the game open at 10-0.
  • Jordy Nelson, on the other hand, was very good. Five catches for 55 yards, including some crucial third-down grabs. He doesn’t have Jones’ upside, but he’s a more solid option.
  • Can we just eliminate that toss play, please? It doesn’t work.
  • Mike McCarthy is lucky that his decision to run the ball three straight times with four minutes left didn’t cost this team. Too conservative, Mike, even if it forced the Jets to use all three timeouts.
  • Still, this is one of his best five wins as coach of this team, right up there with San Diego (’07), Indianapolis (’08), Dallas (’09) and Minnesota last week.
  • I guess I was wrong on that whole “Winning the time of possession” thing. Green Bay only held the ball for 28:37.
  • Expect a donut tomorrow morning, Tim Masthay. A 44.0 average and five punts inside the 20? My God, it felt like I was 14 years old and watching Craig Hentrich all over again.
  • Crosby hit the ones he needed to hit. I’ll take it.
  • At 5-3, things are looking really bright for the Packers, all of a sudden. If this team can get to 6-3 heading into the bye, the second part of the schedule doesn’t look quite as daunting. There’s a lot of hope, where two weeks ago, there was not.
  • Bring on Jon Kitna.

-Chris Lempesis

3 comments to Quick thoughts on Green Bay’s 9-0 WIN!!

  • Agree that running those 3 plays toward the end was a risk. But, in a game like this, that made more sense than chucking it downfield as they’ve done too often in the past. With the way the D played today, it’s hard to fault MM too much for relying on them.

  • Jeff

    Stunning! That’s how I will sum it up. I picked my picks this week with my heart. (Yes I picked The Pack over the Jets!) I took a lot of grief over that one! It will be sweet to hear what is said Monday morning!! Game ball to Mr. Capers Please, and the entire Defensive side of the ball!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!! GO PACK GO!!!!!

  • Mark

    Mike McCarthy is lucky that his decision to run the ball three straight times with four minutes left didn’t cost this team. Too conservative, Mike, even if it forced the Jets to use all three timeouts.
    When I seen that, i thought, here we go again. Thank you Dom Capers for making up for Mike Macs deficiences.

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