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A political pitch from OBOD? No. Our week eight picks? YES!

Fans, we have to apologize.

We were supposed to run our week seven picks last week, but as you may have noticed, well, we did not. Last weekend was just so busy for OBOD (and by “busy”, I kind of mean “boozy”). But this weekend, we are clean, sober (everything’s relative) and ready to deliver some top-notch…solid…slightly above-average picks.

Here are the standings after seven weeks (and the Packers game from Sunday night):

Adam: 55-36 (11-4 since week six)

Chris: 52-39 (9-6 since week six)

Gene: 51-40 (7-8 since week six)

How do we think things will shake out this week? Let’s find out now!

(All times listed are Lambeau time and Gene is going back to his “brevity approach” this week.)

Buffalo Bills (0-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-2), Noon, CBS

Adam - Headed into the season you probably thought this game could be one where the winner gets their first victory. Well, that is still the case for Buffalo and has a team ever had a letdown game after a close loss? Happens to the Bills, who won’t survive Arrowhead. Kansas City 32, Buffalo 14

Chris – Buffalo is proving to be a tough out, from time-to-time, giving New England and Baltimore close games this season. But Kansas City appears to be the real deal. At home, it’s awfully hard to see the Chiefs dropping this one. Kansas City 30, Buffalo 20

Gene – Kansas City

Carolina Panthers (1-5) at St. Louis Rams (3-4), Noon, FOX

Adam - The Rams are headed in the right direction are rightfully considered favorites at home against a Panthers team that only got their win because the 49ers self-destructed yet again last week. Bradford is the real deal and I think with him and S-Jax, the Rams should be able to put some points on the board in this one. St. Louis 31, Carolina 17

Chris – Ahhh, the NFC West, the division of teams that stink on the road, but are good at home. Ahhh, Carolina, the team that stinks no matter where it plays. Factor in no DeAngelo Williams and you can see where this one’s headed. St. Louis 24, Carolina 14

Gene – St. Louis

Denver Broncos (2-5) at San Francisco (1-6), Noon, CBS (Game played in London)

Adam - I’ve never been across the pond, but I feel really bad for fans in London that have to watch this game. It’s crazy to think I am going to pick a team that gave up 59 points to the Raiders last week, but Denver has a big edge at quarterback and that is enough for me. Denver 27, San Fransisco 21

Chris – Earlier this week, Mike Singletary said this is “our finest hour”. Frankly, I’m running out of jokes to make about this guy, so you can just insert your own humor here. And England, just look at this as payback for all those crap actors/bands you’ve sent our way (Jude Law, Orlando Bloom…seriously?). Denver 24, San Francisco 16

Gene – Denver

Washington Redskins (4-3) at Detroit Lions (1-5), Noon, FOX

Adam - Lions are coming off a bye week and get Stafford back, which will help. The Redskins are the team that the Lions snapped their futility streak against last season and I think the Lions may have their number here. I really don’t know actually, I just want to pick the upset and the Skins can’t face Cutler every week. Detroit 17, Washington 14

Chris – Detroit’s coming off a bye. That should help. And the ‘Skins can’t win 17-13 every week, can they? Yeah, maybe, but I’m coming around on this Washington team. It always seems to do just enough to keep itself in the game. And Detroit’s defense is terrible. Washington 21, Detroit 17

Gene – Detroit

Green Bay Packers (4-3) at New York Jets (5-1), Noon, FOX

Adam - As we said in our podcast (check it out!) this is a horrible matchup for the banged up Packers going up against a team that has a strong defense, run game and offensive line. If they can get an early lead and make Sanchez throw, as well as not turn the ball over, they have a chance. But I’ll stick with my pick in the podcast. New York 21, Green Bay 16

Chris – Packers fans, I’m sorry. I hope the team proves me wrong, but I can’t in good conscience pick them to win this week. Green Bay’s too beat up. New York is too tough, especially at home. New York 23, Green Bay 17

Gene – New York 24, Green Bay 14.

Miami Dolphins (3-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (2-4), Noon, CBS

Adam - The Dolphins are 3-0 on the road and should have won last week against the arguably the league’s best team. If Chilly wants to complain about calls, put yourself in Tony Sparano’s shoes. The Bengals are so enigmatic that they could win or lose this game and I wouldn’t be surprised, I just hope I’m right with this one. Miami 24, Cincinnati 20 

Chris – I’m sure the Fins have spent all week fuming about being screwed by the zebras against Pittsburgh. They’ll take out those frustrations on a very mediocre Bengals bunch. Miami’s much, much better than you think. Miami 28, Cincinnati 17

Gene – Cincinnati

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) at Dallas Cowboys (1-5), Noon, CBS

Adam – Todd Bouman. Jon Kitna. IT’S THE NFL TODAY ON CBS! (pardon me while I just threw up in my mouth a little). Dallas 21, Jacksonville 10

Chris - Losing Tony Romo is a huge blow to an already-damaged Dallas bunch. More troubling, the defense seemed to quit once he exited the game. I don’t think Kitna is a terrible option, but he’s not good either. Should I do it? Should I? I’m gonna do it! You wanna get nuts? Come on – let’s get nuts! Jacksonville 24, Dallas 23 

Gene – Dallas

Tennessee Titans (5-2) at San Diego Chargers (2-5), 3:05 p.m., CBS

Adam – How can the Chargers be 2-5 and have the top ranked offense and defense? A loss here could essentially give the AFC West title to Kansas City halfway through the season. This is a tough road test for the Titans who are having quarterback issues and going with another upset. San Diego 27, Tennessee 23

Chris – No one can figure out why San Diego keeps losing. I can’t, either, but I will say that the dark clouds cast by the dual Vincent Jackson/Marcus McNeill holdouts seemed to put a bad mojo around this team. The Titans, on the other hand, are quietly pretty good. I don’t see the directions of these teams changing this week. Tennessee 27, San Diego 21

Gene – San Diego

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) at Arizona Cardinals (3-3), 3:15 p.m., FOX

Adam - The Bucs need to start losing, I can’t take it anymore. I like Josh Freeman, but they aren’t that good! Neither are the Cardinals, but they are at home where they beat the Saints a few weeks ago. Arizona 19, Tampa Bay 13

Chris – Look, let’s be honest: Neither of these teams are any good. The records are misleading, to say the least. When you come across games like these, it’s best to go with the home team. I guess. Arizona 24, Tampa Bay 20

Gene – Tampa Bay

Minnesota Vikings (2-4) at New England Patriots (5-1), 3:15 p.m., FOX

Adam - If I had to pick a lead pipe lock of the week, this would be it. You don’t upset the bear that is Belichick, which Chilly did in his press conference earlier this week bringing up spygate and how it may have factored in the last time these teams played, which the Pats won 31-7.  I expect a similar score and a lot of blitzes. New England 34, Minnesota 13

Chris – Everyone’s wondering about Fav-ruh’s ankle. But here are some real questions to consider: Do you think Billy’s really going to let Randy Moss walk in there and make him look like a fool? You think Tom Brady will let Fav-ruh outplay him? You think that weak-sauce Minny secondary can hang with the deep, talented New England receiving corps? The answer to these questions: No, no and HELLS NO! New England 38, Minnesota 14

Gene – New England

Seattle Seahawks (4-2) at Oakland Raiders (3-4), 3:15 p.m., FOX

Adam - Seattle should give Oakland a little more a challenge than Denver did last week, but they can’t win on the road. The Raiders and two-game winning streak? Believe it. Oakland 27, Seattle 20

Chris – Remember what I said about the Tampa/Arizona game? Yeah, same thinking applies here. Darren McFadden – you will NOT be on my fantasy bench ever again. Oakland 24, Seattle 17

Gene – Oakland

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) at New Orleans Saints (4-3), 7:20 p.m., NBC

Adam - Nasty Ben in the Big Easy on Halloween? Put away the women and children! Saints need this win and it seems like a type of game where Brees will bring his best. New Orleans 24, Pittsburgh 23

Chris – I can’t shake this feeling that there’s something about New Orleans that I really don’t like. Not sure if it’s a Super Bowl hangover, the lack of solid defensive play or teams figuring out how to stop that offense, but it’s there. Pittsburgh seems to be entering the “scary good” zone, if it’s not there already. It will be after this one, without question. Pittsburgh 30, New Orleans 24

Gene – Pittsburgh

Houston Texans (4-2) at Indianapolis Colts (4-2), 7:30 p.m., ESPN MNF

Adam – If the Texans want to win their first division title they have to win this game. Not saying it isn’t possible, but I am not going against Manning and Co., even if they are getting close to Packers territory with injuries. No way Manning loses a prime time game at home and get swept by Houston. Indianapolis 30, Houston 21

Chris – I’ve gone back and forth on this game about a dozen times this week. Part of me thinks Houston’s time is now. Part of me thinks there’s no way the Texans can sweep the Colts. And this one is in Indy. And it’s Manning at night. Yeah, that tips the scales for the Colts. Expect a classic with tons of scoring (giggity) here. Indianapolis 38, Houston 35

Gene – Indianapolis

-Chris Lempesis, Adam Somers and Gene Bosling

2 comments to A political pitch from OBOD? No. Our week eight picks? YES!

  • mark

    Jets-Pack…All you can hope for is a hard fought game…I still think the Pack can beat them if they play their best, even without starters…But it would have to be a perfect consistent game, and when was the last they did that. Scary, but I guess thats why it’s halloween…Just pray no more injuries.

  • Aaron

    How do you feel about your pick in the Pack game? I was extremely surprised by the way the game turned out. I mean, we ran consistently, threw a few slants and other short yardage throws, and the defense stopped the run pretty well, even with mostly 2nd string players. Craziest Halloween ever.

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