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It's Tuesday...and they're still whining

First, let me say this: I have a personal policy not to root for the Vikings in ANY situation. There was even a game a year or two ago, where the Packers needed the Vikings to win and help them out, where I simply watched without emotion. Yes, I hate them that much.

Why, you ask? Growing up in Minnesota during the 1990s, you would think, would have been a picnic for a Packers fan. After all, we won a Super Bowl, appeared in two, and made the playoffs six straight times. But Vikings fans, incapable of grasping their place in the game’s pecking order, made it miserable, twisting logic to suggest their franchise is on a par with the Packers and dishing out insults a third-grader would find unoriginal. At first, I passed it off as teenagers being teenagers. But as I’ve grown up, they still act this way. And when they catch a bad break? Get the earplugs ready.

That seems to have happened on Sunday night, when officials botched a couple of touchdown passes, incorrectly overturning Visanthe Shiancoe’s TD while ruling that Andrew Quarless’ catch was a completed pass when it shouldn’t have been.Brad Childress, seemingly knowing his place as the Pied Piper of this group of rats, took every opportunity to whine about the two calls on Sunday and Monday, paying no attention to the half-dozen holding calls his team got away with against Clay Matthews or the forward-progress call that went against Greg Jennings before the Packers got stopped on fourth down. Or, come to think of it, the fact he could have challenged Quarless’ catch, but didn’t. And that selective recall has given Vikings fans more than enough fuel to complain about the officiating well into Tuesday.

Look, I’m not suggesting the officials didn’t miss some things. But they have all year; Aaron Rodgers has the concussion to prove it. I’m also of the firm belief that only losers blame a loss on the refs, especially in a game where their quarterback threw three interceptions. These fans, though, don’t seem to have any sense of restraint.

Maybe all the arguments I heard when I was 15 should have told me that. Silly me for thinking they’d grow out of it.

Alex Tallitsch, who writes the Packers Lounge section at Cheesehead TV, has an open letter to Vikings fans that sums it up quite well.

–Gene Bosling

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  • djbonney138

    I have an interesting story I would like to share. Sunday was my first trip to Lambeau. It was amazing. My brother Mike and I got to our seats an hour and a half early. We just wanted to take it all in. As the bleachers around us start filling up I notice most of the people surrounding us are Packers fans. Safe right? NO. Two rows below and six spots to the right are 4 empty spots. In walk 3- Adrian Peterson jerseys and 1-purple 4. As the game started there was the usual good natured back and forth between them and the rest of the section. All in good fun. Around the middle of the 3rd their buzz started to grow as well as their balls. They keep standing up while everyone is seated. They start getting real cocky. When Percy Harvin “scored” they lost their minds as we lost our stomachs. Luckily Harvin didn’t score. His 2nd foot was on the line. So anyhow we win. I am high-fiving and hugging strangers. Beautiful. The crowd starts to thon and we hang back. The Viking fans are very sad and chugging what beer they have left. As Farve leaves the field we boo. Loudly. Us booing Farve is what finally makes the one snap! “How can you boo him.” “Everything he did for you” “He is old and in pain” “That is the most pathetic thing we have ever seen” blah blah blah! My brother “He was my quarterback for 16+ years and he ripped my heart out, how many times did you boo him over the last 17 years?” How f*@#ing confused are you to be a Vikings fan? At that instant I felt sorry them. They would do anything for a championship. Anything to feel like a winner. They would even take numerous rejects from their biggest rival just to improve their chances. They don’t understand why we boo because they are so fixated on the prize they have never had they would do anything to obtain it. Even if it means selling your soul.

  • JimR_in_DC

    But Vikings’ fans have no soul. ;)

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