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Regular season game eight at New York: Bruised, battered defense continues its assault

Think back, for a second, to late August. What were your worries regarding the 2010 Green Bay Packers?

Were you worried about the offense? No, not at all. The group was deep, talented and just hitting its stride. Scoring 30 a week? Why not?

What you worried about was the defense. You worried about the pass rush, [...]

Quick thoughts on Green Bay’s 9-0 WIN!!

I was going to wait until later tonight to post my thoughts.

Sorry, I couldn’t wait. The Green Bay Packers’ 9-0 win over the New York Jets was just too sweet (don’t worry, I’ll be back with more later this evening, anyways).

Here are my quick thoughts on the win, in no particular order:

Roughly two hours after [...]

A political pitch from OBOD? No. Our week eight picks? YES!

Fans, we have to apologize.

We were supposed to run our week seven picks last week, but as you may have noticed, well, we did not. Last weekend was just so busy for OBOD (and by “busy”, I kind of mean “boozy”). But this weekend, we are clean, sober (everything’s relative) and ready to deliver some [...]

Ol' Bag of Donuts' weekly podcast is here

We’ve been fighting through a smattering of technical difficulties to get this thing done – some Skype issues last night and uploading problems today – but we at Ol’ Bag of Donuts will not be denied. And you, loyal listeners, will thusly not be denied your weekly helping of Packers analysis, complete with a Jets [...]

Staking out the enemy: Q&A with Jets blog

I’m sure we all saw some of the Jets this summer, they were hard to miss. But how much do you think you really know about the Jets outside of the names on the back of their jerseys? Well, Brian Bassett of theJetsBlog.com knows this team inside and out, so that is where we turn [...]

Passing of the torch in the Packers' secondary

(Disclaimer: The Associated Press released a similar story earlier today, but this was written earlier this week before the AP story was published)

Last season Charles Woodson posted one of the best defensive seasons in Packers history and rightfully took home the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. The Packers rewarded him with a new [...]

As defense loses another key piece, time for Green Bay's offense to emerge is now

Okay, now we can say the Green Bay Packers’ defense is devastated by injury.

Wednesday, we learned that outside linebacker Brad Jones’ season is indeed over. Jones has been placed on injured reserve and will undergo surgery on his damaged shoulder. The injury initially occurred in camp and was apparently significantly re-injured in Sunday night’s win [...]

It's Tuesday...and they're still whining

First, let me say this: I have a personal policy not to root for the Vikings in ANY situation. There was even a game a year or two ago, where the Packers needed the Vikings to win and help them out, where I simply watched without emotion. Yes, I hate them that much.

Why, you ask? [...]

Regular season game seven vs. Minnesota: The bell tolls for Favre

For a good portion of Monday, I found myself thinking about what Sunday night meant to me.

Namely, I was trying to find the primary emotion I was feeling following the Green Bay Packers’ heart-stopping 28-24 win over the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field.

Was it jubilation? Relief? Vindication?

In some ways, I could say “yes” to all three. Emphatically, in [...]

Quick thoughts on Green Bay's 28-24 WIN!!

As I sit down to write this, the clock has just struck 12:37 a.m.

In other words, I’ll be keeping this one brief (don’t worry – we’ll have a whole lot more reaction to this one later today).

Here are some quick thoughts on the Green Bay Packers’ 28-24 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night [...]