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Bishop's comments understandable, but misguided

(Before we begin: Our “2010 training camp stew” posts will begin Tuesday night. At that point, the Packers will have practiced six times – enough where we can start weighing in on some specifics.)

Well, it certainly sounds like Desmond Bishop is upset, eh?

Only this time, his beef does not lie with yours truly.

The fourth-year inside linebacker vented his frustrations with his current role on the team to reporters after practice Monday. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“I know what I can do, but I’m not sure they do. I think I’m just caught in a situation where my talents can’t flourish here. It’s frustrating because I love the guys that we have and everything, but I feel like I can be, and I will be one of the top tier linebackers in the NFL if I get the opportunity.”

You don’t have to read between any lines to see that Bishop is definitely reaching his breaking point with the organization. In a sense, I can see why.

Over the course of his first three seasons, Bishop has shown some flashes of real potential. He’s consistently turned in solid training camp/preseason performances. The majority of his regular season playing time came during the second half of 2008 after Nick Barnett tore his ACL. Bishop was, for the most part, solid in those showings, highlighted by a 12-tackle, two forced-fumble, one sack performance against the Houston Texans in early December.

He’s got good size (6-feet, 2-inches, 238 pounds), solid athleticism and he knows how to deliver some big hits. And, really, the two guys directly ahead of him on the depth chart – A.J. Hawk and Brandon Chillar - are certainly not All Pros or anything.

But. for whatever reason, these factors have not been enough to move Bishop past the No. 4 position on the team’s depth chart at ILB. Bishop, who just turned 26, likely feels the clock is ticking faster and faster on his pro career and he’d like his shot now, please.

Again, I see his point. But expressing such displeasure via the media is never the correct way to go about things. That’s true even if you’ve already made your feelings known to the coaches/other players on the team (something Bishop almost certainly has done).

When a player puts that stuff out there through the press, it creates a level of distrust between himself and the organization. The team could very well start to wonder whether or not Bishop is truly in it for the good of the group or just the good of himself. Last time I checked, that’s not a quality coaches want in the players on their squad. Again, it’s different if a player keeps those issues in-house. At least the trust is still there, somewhat.

The value of zipping one’s lips with the press is worth its weight in gold in the NFL, remember. Bishop didn’t. Will the coaches look at him differently now? That’s hard to say, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there’s some backlash from these statements. And an already uphill battle will have been made worse for Bishop. So, sure, he got if off his chest – but what good will it have done?

Players in these situations need to simply keep quiet and go out and do their damage on the practice field. If you do that, your current team will either be forced to play you or forced to trade you as someone will want you and will make an offer your current team can’t refuse (see: Hasselbeck, Matthew).

In our little Twitter clash, Bishop told me he was going to make me “eat my words” after I joked about his inability to see regular playing time.

On Monday, someone should have told Bishop to eat his own words before he spoke them. He’d have been a lot better off.

-Chris Lempesis

4 comments to Bishop’s comments understandable, but misguided

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  • jeremiah

    bishop is not going to resign with the packers once he hits FA. someone else will offer him just as much money, but more playing time. i don’t fault him one bit. dude wants to play (and surely wants to get paid, much like everyone else), and wants to shine. he has his mental limitations, but i think the best thing for him is to get meaningful game experience. let him roll against the 1s all preseason, we know what he can do against the 2s, and we know what to expect from hawk and barnett. give him his chance to show what he can do against the top tier guys. the coaches almost HAVE to now, because time is running out. either see what you have, and decide that you want to keep him around instead of or incase you don’t want to pay hawk what he is due next year…or trade the dude. ecause make no mistake, he is NOT resigning here to be a backup whnen he can start on a few other teams.

  • willis

    I see your point. I’m sure you’re not saying Bishop isn’t a top #4 ILB. But you’re saying that it’s inapropriate for him to be making these comments to the media. I think you’re point is correct that players also have to be politicians to a certain degree and cannot say things that could be detrimental to the team (A.J., Chillar). These are the types of things that get spotlight players (think T.O.) in trouble and should be kept in the locker room or not said at all. I don’t want to lose Bishop but I think he might do good to be a little more thoughtful and more of a humble team player. I hope the staff puts Bishop up if he’s the best person to help us win.

  • Chris


    Just wanted to clear something up, I’m the Chris (real name) posting on Packer Chatters related to this story. At no point did I ever imply or state that I were you. Also, can’t see how posting my opinion, backed up by references from media articles/coaches, is condescending.

    Two examples that everybody there completely ignored:

    Dom Capers via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
    “With Des, there will be flash plays and then there will be plays where you say, ‘He can be a little bit better,’ ” defensive coordinator Dom Capers said. “That’s just kind of where he is right now. We just have to smooth it out to where there’s not a lot of bad plays.”

    Green Bay Press Gazette
    “Given the opportunity to play with the starters for the entire practice in base and nickel for the first time this summer, Bishop did what he often does in his few real game opportunities.

    That is, he gave up too many plays.”

    I did/do take umbrage with those saying Bishop is/was somehow excluded or not gotten reps because of the difference in draft status between he and Hawk. It borders implies the coaching staff are conspiring against him and keeping the more talented player off the field.

    So, didn’t intend to make anything offensive. Really didn’t intend or even think about us both having the same name.


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