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Underreported storylines for the 2010 season

Remember when Antonio Gates exploded onto the scene a few years back? This may be bigger. However, the more success Finley has will create one major problem: What will happen after the 2010 season? Finley is under contract through 2011, but his scheduled to only make $470,000 this year and $550,000 next season. [...]

On a day when roster cuts are to be made, the Packers cut no one

Tuesday was the first of two scheduled cutdown days for NFL teams, with every team mandated to get down from 80 to 75 players.

The Green Bay Packers took a different approach. They cut no one.

Instead, the Packers placed three players on the PUP list and one more on injured reserve (they had only 79 players [...]

With one preseason game left to go, here's how the 53-man roster should look

Originally, I had planned on doing two roster prediction pieces – one midway through the preseason and one at the end, before the final roster cuts are made.

But since you guys and gals seemed to like the first one so much, I’ve decided to throw in a bonus roster piece. And don’t worry – I’ll [...]

Training camp stew: 8/29/10 edition

The Green Bay Packers had been very quiet since Thursday night’s preseason pounding of the Indianapolis Colts.

(One more game and it’s finally over.)

That changed Sunday.

The Packers got back to work on the practice field and there was some fairly significant news to come out of it. So, that being the case, we’ve decided to whip [...]

2010 preseason game three vs. Indianapolis: America, meet No. 88

There were a great many positives to take away from the Green Bay Packers’ 59-24 pounding of the Indianapolis Colts at Lambeau Field on Thursday night.

The offensive line, Ryan Grant and Aaron Rodgers all turned in very good performances. The defense wasn’t perfect, but rebounded after a tough start to play well, despite the absence of a [...]

What I'd like to see from Packers/Colts

Well, the third preseason game is here. And, as Denny Green once famously informed us, this is the one that teams do not, in fact, play like it’s bull(expletive), bull(expletive)!

That could be especially true in this one, as the Green Bay Packers take on the Indianapolis Colts and some cat named Peyton at Lambeau Field tonight [...]

Two games in, here's how the 53-man roster should look

(Note: The Stew will return later Tuesday. I promise.)

With 21 training camp practices, a “Family Night Scrimmage” and two preseason games under their collective belt, we’ve seen enough of a body of work to begin determining what the Green Bay Packers’ 53-man roster could look like come Sept. 12.

But what should it look like?

Obviously, this is [...]

2010 preseason game two vs. Seattle: What to say about this one?

With the “dress rehearsal” preseason game – i.e., game No. 3 – against the Indianapolis Colts just five days away, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy took a cautious approach Saturday night against the Seattle Seahawks.

In other words, a lot of players didn’t play.

The entire starting linebacking corps was out, for example, as were [...]

News on Bigby disheartening in the wake of Harris' struggle

(Two notes: First, the Stew will return next week. Second, big props to OBOD reader Kathy Wutkowski, who gave me the idea for this post. Writer’s block hits us all, sometimes, you know?)

Good thing Morgan Burnett got all those offseason reps with the starters, huh?

I say that because, on Thursday, we found out Atari Bigby’s [...]

So the drama queen is back, but what does it mean on the field?

I always have told myself I would restrain.  Really, please believe me.  But I think I have watched too much ESPN lately and the bad mojo radiating from my television has taken over me, just for tonight.

I am writing about Brett Favre.

This will be brief, that much I can promise you.

Chris did a great job [...]