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The BIG rookie signs and reports to camp today

Given the age and health history of both starting tackles, having the big man from Iowa here on time is extremely beneficial as he will play an integral role at some point this [...]

Friendly fire: 2010 training camp battles, part four

The first part of our look at the defensive battles – part three of our series in all, if you’re keeping score – focused solely on the secondary. Makes sense as it’s the one glaring area of concern on this team as it prepares to begin camp in just one day – holy @$*#!

Truth be [...]

A thought or two on Aaron Rodgers

Just read the ESPN: The Magazine (seriously, could the title of that magazine be more self-serving?) profile on Aaron Rodgers for the fourth or fifth time. And every time I read it, I come away liking the guy more.

Here’s why: I don’t want a guy leading my team that won’t associate with players, who looks [...]

Friendly fire: 2010 training camp battles, part three

Enough about the pretty boys on the offense.

It’s time to shine the spotlight on the tough guys – the defenders.

The Packers have a couple of major battles going on with their defense – none bigger than one in the secondary. And it’s there that we begin part three of our series:

Strong safety

Type of battle: Starting [...]

Friendly fire: 2010 training camp battles, part two

We went a different way with part one, focusing on the offensive line first.

We’ll let the skill position players get their due this time around, though, as we make them the focus of part two.

Not bad for a short intro, huh?

Wide receiver

Type of battle: No. 3 receiver spot

Combatants: James Jones (26 years old, 6-feet, 1-inch, 208 [...]

Friendly fire: 2010 training camp battles, part one

One of the best parts of training camp involves the battles waged between teammates.

Some guys battle for spots on the depth chart. Others battle for spots on the roster. Either way, the battles are often friendly, yet extremely intense.

The 2010 Green Bay Packers will have a handful of such battles in training camp this year. [...]

By the end of the week, the 2010 season will be underway - holy crap!

(Before we begin: Our “Friendly Fire” training camp battles series begins Tuesday.)

Before this week’s over, it will begin.

The two-a-days. The position battles. The fights. The heat – my God, the heat.

No more guessing will be necessary. Okay, there will still be some guessing – but not as much. Before this week’s over, training camp for [...]

What are the things that could bring the 2010 Green Bay Packers down? A closer look

Most Green Bay Packers fans are extremely high on the 2010 squad. You can include me in that group.

Still, they are not a team without flaws – no team is in the salary cap era.

Much has been written about the Pack’s seemingly biggest flaw – the pass defense – this offseason. But what are some [...]

Players who could be moved in order to bolster areas of need

Monday, I wrote about the idea of Ted Thompson trading a player from an area of relative strength in order to bolster the Green Bay Packers’ defensive line.

That was written in the context of discussing the Johnny Jolly 2010 Suspension Tour, but really, d-line isn’t the only area Thompson could look to sure up via [...]

Wrapping up the past...um...few days in Packerland

So it’s been a minute since I’ve last written for the site.

It feels like I’ve been saying that a lot lately. That’s because, well, I have.

My reasons are, of course, legit. First it was vacay-time; then I got sick; and, finally, I’ve been out of town attending my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I don’t forsee [...]