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What it's like to be a Packers fan living outside of the United States

(Before we begin: Part two of our all-time 53-man roster will be delayed until Thursday. Some stuff came up at work and I just didn’t have the time to finish it. I’m very sorry for that, gang. I’ve decided to run this feature instead. I hope it can hold you over until tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.)

Monday, we at OBOD said hello to our non-United States readers. We asked them to share their respective experiences as Green Bay Packers fans with us.

A few of them were kind enough to do so. And we figured we’d share them with you now.

It was extremely cool to hear from these people and we thank them for doing so. Oftentimes, I think Packers fans living in the U.S. take it for granted that it’s so easy for us to follow the team. That’s not necessarily the case for these folks. But they still do so, and their passion and dedication to the team is just another shining example of how amazing Packers fans are.

Okay, enough of my blathering. I’ll turn the floor over to them now.

As always, enjoy.

Reader name: PackersRS

Location: Brazil

What’s it like being a Packers fan living outside of the U.S.?”

Don’t know how to put it. There are several people who watch the NFL in here, though most just like the games, they aren’t real fans of one team or another… I imagine it’s like being a soccer or a rugby fan in the US…

“Are you able to watch games? If so, where do you go?”

Yes, by internet streams. In here we got ESPN, who shows the MNF and SNF games, and another channel that cycles through the other networks, so they show 1 random game from the first sunday time slot, and sometimes another game from the late sunday time slot… But I watch most games by streams, at home.

“What times do the games start?”

Beginning of the season it’s a +2 hour difference, if I’m not mistaken (the 1pm is at 3pm). But later in the season, when summertime kicks off in there and in in here, it’s a 4+ hour difference. MNF and SNF games tends to end at 2:30, 3am sometimes…

“Are there “Packer bars” where you’re at?”

Nope. Some bars show NFL games, but it’s a rarity. Really, there’s a reason Brazil is called “soccer country”…

“Is it hard to keep up with the daily news involving the team? Where do you go to find your Packers news?”

The internet is a beautiful thing. RBC, Packerslounge, CHTV, in here, PFT, ESPN, NFL.com, packer forums, SI…

Reader name: Phil Rudkin

Location: Leicester, England

I’ve been watching the Pack since I visited Milwaukee in 1995 and returned the next summer to Green Bay, and some of the pre-season OTAs.  I was lucky enough to meet Reggie White, and I’ve been hooked since.

Watching games is never easy, we have 3 games shown each Sunday, these fall at 1830, 2130 and 0130 local time.  I usually skip the late game, unless it’s the Packers.  This does mean that I won’t get to bed before about 4am, leaving me 2-3 hours sleep before work!!!  If we can’t get the game we want to see, there is sometimes a chance on the internet, but often quality is poor.

We do have a bar that shows games, but just whichever happen to be on, rather than just one team.  The Packers feature about 3-4 times a season.  You can expect to see the AFC teams more regularly, and oddly the Chargers seem to figure about every week!!

Watching the draft was a similar experience, not starting until well after midnight on a Thursday!!

Keeping up with Packer news is no problem, via the internet, I can see all that you can see!!! I use an excellent portal that picks out just the Packer news for me.  Lots of stuff from the Journal-Sentinnel and Press-Gazette, as well as your selves and a bunch of others.

Keep up the good work, and make sure that if we do anything odd like signing CFL receivers, aussie football punters or allowing Jarrett Bush to ever step on the field again, that I’m the first to know!!!

Reader name: Bo Joergensen

Location: Denmark

I am from Denmark. I follow the Packers every day of the year on a different blogs, Packersnews.com, Jsonline.com, and on the message board your told about in the post.

I have never been to Green Bay. I have been to the US twice, but that was outside of the football-season and before I got die heart Packers fan. Before the NFL Europe was closed down me and a friend went to Germany, 3 times and Holland, 1 time and watched a game.

I watch most of the games on live-streaming-internet. Sometimes its difficult to find a good stream, and pre-season games are very difficult to see at all. NFL games are broadcastet in Denmark, but only one game at 1 pm et, one game at 4 pm and the late ones one Sunday and Monday. Even if Packers play late-night its not a sure thing I watch because of the difference in time. If the game are played @8pm its 2am in Denmark. If I miss a late game, there are places where you can download them the next day…

I enjoy your blog very much, and can hardly wait for September. GO Packs GO.

Again, we’d like to thank these three for sharing their thoughts. If you’re a Packers fan living outside of the U.S. – and, again, we’ll accept Canadian responses for this one – and want to share your experience, either post it as a comment or e-mail it to us at olbagofdonuts@gmail.com.

-Chris Lempesis

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  • aussiepacker

    In Australia years ago before pay tv the only nfl game we would get is the superbowl which was shown live at about 10 am. The first ever game i got to watch was the superbowl between the packers and the patriots. As i was watching i decided i had to pick a team in which i was gunna cheer for, So i weighed up my options and as green is my favorite colour, Australia’s national sporting colour is green and gold and my favourite AFL player at the time [tony locket] wore number 4 i decided with the pack. I honestly dont remember much of the game but that is how i became a pack fan. I did not watch another game until i got pay tv in 2007 and lo and behold when i turned it on the pack were playing. So i went home and turned on my dial up internet and looked up their home page and that is how i got my updates for the whole 2007 season. In june of 2008 i upgraded to broadband and found a site to download games. in febuary of 2009 i discovered chtv which very quickley became a daily read. I then branched out to other sights like this one and find i get plenty of good packer news. I right posts occasionaly but the knowledge these other bloggers have blows me away and sometimes i feel my comments arent informed enough. None of my friends follow NFL and the only person i talk to about it is my offsider at work and although she would never watch a game i talk to her about the packers so much she pretty much is upto date with all the latest news. I have never been to america but i will oneday visit lambeau that is for sure. Go the packers

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