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Hello to OBOD's worldwide audience (and a special series alert)

Everyday, we here at OBOD check our numbers. We know people are coming, but rarely do we actually know where they are from. Our newly-created Facebook page has helped that somewhat, but we’re still largely in the dark.

What we have discovered is that, in addition to our fans here in the United States (whom we, obviously, love), there are people from outside the country who regularly visit this site.

And we’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to them.

To our followers in the U.K.: Ay-up!

To our followers in Australia: G’day mate!

To our followers in what I believe to be Denmark (please correct me if I’m wrong): Hej!

(Side note: Awhile back, we discovered that our site had been linked to on a Danish message board for Green Bay Packers fans. We all got a massive kick out of that. It was really, extremely cool seeing our work translated into a different language.)

Those are the countries we know of, as of now. If you are from a place we failed to mention – and, yes, Canada counts for this one – please let us know.

In addition to saying hello, we want to thank you guys and ask you a few questions: What’s it like being a Packers fan living outside of the U.S.? Are you able to watch games? If so, where do you go? What times do the games start? Are there “Packer bars” where you’re at? Is it hard to keep up with the daily news involving the team? Where do you go to find your Packers news?

We’d love to hear about your particular experience. Feel free to let us know, either as a comment on this post or via e-mail at olbagofdonuts@gmail.com. If we can get enough of them, we’ll even compile them all into a post.

And, again, thanks from Adam, Gene and myself. We really appreciate it.

Special series alert

Recently, I mentioned that we’d be rolling out some more special series for you guys and gals during the dead zone period.

You might have noticed that, well, we haven’t really done any yet.

Fear not, dear readers – that’s going to change reeeeal quick.

I’m working on a doozy of a series, the first part of which will run Tuesday. As always, I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you. And violence just isn’t our thing here at OBOD.

Just make sure you head back here Tuesday. I think you’ll like it. Or, at least, you’ll like complaining about how much you hate me for doing it. Either way.

Improvements to our page

Over the weekend, Adam made some nice improvements to our page.

You can now bookmark and share our posts, email them to people, save them to your favorites and even print them off, if you’d like. It’s also now easier to link to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

In addition to being a very good writer, Adam’s become our go-to-guy for many of the behind the scenes improvements we make here. I probably don’t thank him enough for that, so I’ll do that now. I owe him a beer for it – tack that one on to the roughly 300 beers I already owe him.

-Chris Lempesis

4 comments to Hello to OBOD’s worldwide audience (and a special series alert)

  • PackersRS

    What’s up, guys? I’m not such a regular in the site, but it’s one of my reads.

    I’m from Brazil, BTW.

    *What’s it like being a Packers fan living outside of the U.S.?
    - Don’t know how to put it. There are several people who watch the NFL in here, though most just like the games, they aren’t real fans of one team or another… I imagine it’s like being a soccer or a rugby fan in the US…

    *Are you able to watch games? If so, where do you go?
    - Yes, by internet streams. In here we got ESPN, who shows the MNF and SNF games, and another channel that cycles through the other networks, so they show 1 random game from the first sunday timeslot, and sometimes another game from the late sunday timeslot… But I watch most games by streams, at home.

    What times do the games start?
    - Beginning of the season it’s a +2 hour difference, if I’m not mistaken (the 1pm is at 3pm). But later in the season, when summertime kicks off in there and in in here, it’s a 4+ hour difference. MNF and SNF games tends to end at 2:30, 3am sometimes…

    *Are there “Packer bars” where you’re at?
    - Nope. Some bars show NFL games, but it’s a rarity. Really, there’s a reason Brazil is called “soccer country”…

    *Is it hard to keep up with the daily news involving the team? Where do you go to find your Packers news?
    - The internet is a beautiful thing. RBC, Packerslounge, CHTV, in here, PFT, ESPN, NFL.com, packer forums, SI…

  • Bo Joergensen - Denmark

    I am from Denmark. I follow the Packers every day of the year on a different blogs, Packersnews.com, Jsonline.com, and on the message board your told about in the post.

    I have never been to Green Bay. I have been to the US twice, but that was outside of the football-season and before I got die heart Packers fan. Before the NFL Europe was closed down me and a friend went to Germany, 3 times and Holland, 1 time and watched a game.

    I watch most of the games on live-streaming-internet. Sometimes its difficult to find a good stream, and pre-season games are very difficult to see at all. NFL games are broadcastet in Denmark, but only one game at 1 pm et, one game at 4 pm and the late ones one Sunday and Monday. Even if Packers play late-nigth its not a sure thing I watch because of the difference in time. If the game are played @8pm its 2am in Denmark. If I miss a late game, there are places where you can download them the next day…

    I enjoy your blog very much, and can hardly wait for September. GO Packs GO.

  • Dr. Smart


    I’m going to show you how to “roll with the punches”

    -Coach Tagy?

  • admin

    Thanks for the comment, Doc.

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