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Happy Memorial Day from OBOD

We know most of you are probably busy with BBQs, fireworks, parades and, okay, maybe a few beers.

But, in the event you’ve made your way here today, we at OBOD would like to wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day.

And, of course, we’re giving a special shout-out to all the veterans who have served or [...]

The Green Bay Packers' all-time 53-man roster (part five)

Okay, so we’ve covered the guys up front for the all-time defense.

Now, it’s time to head to the second level and look at the linebackers.

I have to say that the linebacking corps was one of the toughest positions to narrow down. This team has had more than its share of great ‘backers throughout its history. [...]

We’re taking a page out of Bono’s playbook at OBOD…

Sorry, gang. Part five of our all-time 53-man roster is being postponed.

But, fear not – we won’t keeping you waiting until 2011 like some people (cough, Bono, cough, cough). No, we’ll only keep you waiting until later this evening.

And if you think I took a shot at Bono because I had tickets to U2’s June [...]

The Green Bay Packers' all-time 53-man roster (part four)

Hope you missed us, we’re baaaack!!

After a brief hiatus (does four days count as a hiatus?), we’re back to bring you the second part of OBOD’s all-time 53-man roster for the Green Bay Packers.

(Note: You might be wondering why we didn’t write anything about OTAs. Because they are incredibly boring and mean nothing, in the [...]

The Green Bay Packers' all-time 53-man roster (part three)

The first two parts of our series covered the “skill players” on offense.

Enough about the pretty boys – let’s talk about the grunts, the hogs, the guys in the trenches. After all, they’re the real reason games are won and lost.

With that said, here’s part three of OBOD’s all-time 53-man roster: the offensive line.

(Note: I [...]

The Green Bay Packers' All-Time 53-man roster (part two)

In part one of our series, we gave you the offensive backfield. Boy, was that fun, huh?

For part two of OBOD’s all-time 53-man roster, we’ll fill out the remaining “skill positions.”

(Side note: I put that in quotation marks because I’ve never understood why that term is used. Doesn’t it take skill to play offensive line? How [...]

What it's like to be a Packers fan living outside of the United States

(Before we begin: Part two of our all-time 53-man roster will be delayed until Thursday. Some stuff came up at work and I just didn’t have the time to finish it. I’m very sorry for that, gang. I’ve decided to run this feature instead. I hope it can hold you over until tomorrow. Thanks for [...]

The Green Bay Packers' All-Time 53-man roster (part one)

Organizations like to pick nice, even-numbered years to go with all-time teams. Teams will roll these lists out at such grandiose mile-markers as 50 and 75 years.

We’re going a different way here at OBOD.

The Green Bay Packers have been around since 1919 – roughly 91 years – but that isn’t stopping us from selecting OBOD’s All-Time [...]

Hello to OBOD's worldwide audience (and a special series alert)

Everyday, we here at OBOD check our numbers. We know people are coming, but rarely do we actually know where they are from. Our newly-created Facebook page has helped that somewhat, but we’re still largely in the dark.

What we have discovered is that, in addition to our fans here in the United States (whom we, [...]

New York Super Bowl, is Green Bay next? Don't bet on it

The idea of New York hosting the 2014 Super Bowl is becoming more of a reality everyday.  As Don Banks of wrote today the idea seemed crazy at first, but now it may be hard to imagine of it not happening.

Besides the weather, all the positives are there.  It will be in the biggest [...]