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Favre needs surgery to play in 2010, he says

Brett Favre apparently needs ankle surgery to play in 2010, according to this report from ESPN’s Ed Werder.

My take: Well, it’s official. He’s playing next year, and just needed the proper excuse to skip training camp. He’d be able to rehab in plenty of time, but if you hem and haw a little longer, have the surgery in, say, June, he’s got the excuse to skip training camp. Now, surgery is never an easy proposition, but does anybody really believe that Favre won’t play? He’s addicted, he’s going to do whatever it takes and with this, he’s got a perfect reason to skip camp — especially since he wouldn’t talk about the prognosis or how long it might take to recover.

He also has a couple choice phrases in the e-mail he sent to Werder comparing his one year in Minnesota to his entire career in Green Bay.

This guy is a piece of work, isn’t he?

–Gene Bosling

8 comments to Favre needs surgery to play in 2010, he says

  • Scott

    This is a Packer blog. Who cars about that purple wearing pansy. I hope he does play. That is if our defnce will do to him what the saints did to him. Continually knock him down….reall hard. And don’t worry about a couple of 15 yard penalties. By the second half he’ll be chucking it all over the yard.

  • Kinda sounds like you care, Scott. :-)


  • Scott

    Gene, this is suppose to be about Packer football. Not traitors that have been gone for years.Bert Finkle’s time is up. When he retires I hope the Packer organization does the right thing and bars him from the Packer Hall of Fame. He wanted out, and got his way.Many people have done the same thing. Not to bad. But to go out of your way to tell other teams how to attack our defence, teams that you didn’t play for, that makes you a traitor. So don’t think that you should be let into the Packer hall of fame. It’s not only for truly great players but, truly great Packers. You are a little baby. You can tell this because it’s april, and he needs minor surgery. I’m sure he will delay it long enough so that he gets to training camp with a week to go. And the vikings are stupid enough to let this happen. Yes he had a great year last year. But it ended like it always does, with a backbreaking INT. Consistant to the end.

  • jeremiah

    i hate brent. i hate him on a professional football player level, and i have no respect for him on a personal, moral level. i hate the mind and word games he uses. i just don’t like him. he USED to be my favorite player. but now i will have no second thoughts if he is never inducted to the PHOF. if he is, however, i think it shouldn’t be till he is dead.

    whatever, though. the thing that i find most amusing is how quickly vikings fans used to belittle favre and the packers for the yearly “hostage crisis”. and now the same thing is happenging to them, and the circumstances are so very similar that it is hilarious. THEY are now the ones hanging from his balls, waiting for his next word like it will be some sort of religous experience. the fact that he is SO CLEARLY using this as an excuse to escape offseason team trainging, and that he gets away with it, is laughable, and sickening at the same time.

  • foundinidaho

    I find it interesting that Packer fans put up with a hell of a lot from BLF. Not just the interceptions, but the alcohol problem, the Vicodin problem, the cheating on his wife problem…and we forgave him ALL of it. Not just because he won, mind you, because he seemed to be lovable and trying to do the right thing – and making the same dumb life mistakes many of us do. Now, I feel like I was totally deluded. Who the hell is this guy and who does he think supported him financially to where he is today? WE DID. Dumbass.

    The Vikings are getting exactly what they deserve. Good luck with that, Vikes fans. I can tell you how it ends.

    And yes, sadly, I still care. I wish I didn’t.

  • 4gbp

    I don’t know why everyone complains about Favre’s yearly “hostage crisis”. Who benefited the most from it?? Aaron Rodgers. And how is he doing right now?

  • Jim_in_DC

    Bus Cook & Bert just wanted to get attention back on Bert when everyone was focused on the draft and the 2010 rookie class. This happens every year. Some people are just terribly needy. Poor, poor, pitiful Bert.

  • Two Jet Winston

    For some reason no one wants to raise the steroids question with Brettfavre, but he’s started every game for almost two decades, has an almost supernatural ability to heal, and is playing his best ball at 40 after practicing with high school kids? If he were anyone else he’d raise some eyebrows. Is it at all plausible that Brettfavre holes up in Mississippi during training camp because he wants to be on it as long as possible and needs that time for the juice to leave his system? I’m not suggesting that he’s necessarily doping, but why is everyone ignoring the possibility?

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