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Thompson answers more questions with final day selections

Who would have thought that four late-round selections could answer so many questions?

Certainly not yours truly.

But such is the case with the Green Bay Packers and the four players they took to close the 2010 NFL Draft. Each of those players, in their own way, will alter the Pack’s roster.

How so? Well, let’s take a look:

  • Tight end Andrew Quarless’ selection in the fifth round means the end is near for either Donald Lee or Spencer Havner. My money’s on Lee.

For whatever reason, Lee hasn’t been the same since Brett Favre left. He just hasn’t shown the same confidence. The result of that is far too many dropped balls and Jermichael Finley surpassing him on the depth chart. Quarless – despite his numerous character issues - is a big target with very good speed for the position. He’s also, like Lee, primarily a receiving tight end. Green Bay has no need for three pure receivers on the roster. Lee also has a much higher salary than does Havner and, unlike Havner, Lee provides no special teams value whatsoever. Once Havner’s shoulder injury heals, my guess is Lee is released.

  • Guard/tackle Marshall Newhouse’s selection in round five gives the Packers 12 offensive linemen, as of now. Green Bay will not keep that many linemen, meaning at least two players are on the way out. There are only a few candidates.

First, here’s who is 100 percent safe: Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher, Scott Wells, Josh Sitton, Bryan Bulaga and T.J. Lang. I’d say Jason Spitz, Daryn Colledge and Newhouse are 80 percent safe. That leaves three players, all of whom are in trouble: Evan Dietrich-Smith, Breno Giacomini and Allen Barbre. There is no way Giacomini and Barbre both stick on the roster. Both could get cut, but I think it’s more likely only one does. As of now, I’d guess Barbre is gone. We already know he’s terrible; Giacomini still has some potential because of his size. That leaves Dietrich-Smith as the other likely goner. But he’s got versatility and I could see a scenario in which the team tires of Colledge’s B.S. and ships him out for whatever it can get. In that case, ED-S sticks.

  • Running back James Starks’ selection in the sixth round likely means the Packers will not get serious in their pursuit of former Eagle Brian Westbrook.

First, a disclaimer: I really had no interest in the Packers signing Westbrook. His best days are clearly behind him and he’s likely one hit to the head away from having to retire. Even if he avoids a concussion, he’d be a good bet to get hurt, in some form or another, much sooner rather than later. Starks appears to be an injury risk, as well, but at least he’s got youth on his side. And he fills the same pass-catching role that Westbrook would have at a much cheaper price (I think Westbrook still wants to get paid and isn’t going to settle for a veteran minimum, like some fans do).

  • Defensive end C.J. Wilson’s selection in the seventh round means the team has likely all but given up on Justin Harrell. It also means the Packers understand both Johnny Jolly and Cullen Jenkins might not be back in 2011.

Wilson, along with Mike Neal, selected on day two, give the Packers seven non-Harrell players at d-line – Jolly, Jenkins, Ryan Pickett, B.J. Raji, Neal, Wilson and Jarius Wynn. The main four, plus Neal, are 100 percent certain to be on the roster. Wilson is likely an 80 percent certainty. That makes six, with Wynn likely the odd man out. Harrell first has to clear the medical hurdle (doubtful). Then, he’d have to surpass both Wynn and Wilson in order to make the roster (I highly doubt the Packers keep more than six linemen). In other words: See ya, Justin. As for the Jenkins/Jolly situations, I don’t think it’s an accident that Ted Thompson drafted two d-linemen when he just happens to have two linemen with expiring contracts (and, in Jolly’s case, pending legal trouble). He’s clearly setting the team up in case those two are gone. As I’ve written before, that’s a definite possibility for 2011…you know, if there’s football in 2011, that is.

That wraps up our day three coverage. I’ll return Monday with a look at the draft from a league-wide perspective.

Thanks for sticking with us throughout the past three days, gang. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

-Chris Lempesis

6 comments to Thompson answers more questions with final day selections

  • Scott

    I like how you say “Alter the roster”. Not improve the roster, not increase our chances at a Super Bowl. Just “Alter the roster”. Now that we are in rebuilding mode, how long will it be before we get some pass rushers and some cover corners.I guess 6 drafts just isn’t quite enough time to fix those problems. I guess when we get our third franchise QB in a row, Ted may finally be ready to draft for need.How many other franchises would have waited this long. Considering we are just a few players away.NO,NO,NO we now have to rebuild the offensive line. I understand the need of an offensive line. But the Pack only gave up 9 sacks in the second half of the year.1 safety, no OLB’S, no CB’S. No help for the Special Teams. No punter.Just a first round pick who was hurt 3 years ago, then 2 years ago, and this past year had a thyroid problem. His arms are to short, his hands are to small, and on top of all of that, his footwork is bad and slow. A second round pick we could have gotten 2 rounds later. 3rd round, Safety. I’ll give him that one. He looks to be pretty good. A TE who tested positive for pot, and then gets a DUI. But Perry went to Penn St. so it’s ok. A running back who was hurt all last year.Another d-line and O-lineman. But your board didn’t fall your way???? In a draft that was so deep in defenive back end talent, you didn’t want to draft for need? Don’t you want to go to the Super Bowl. You had a golden opportunity to put this team in position for a deep playoff run. But instead you want to rework the O-line and D-line. Did you see what good QB’S did to our pass defence last year??? You know, I backed you when you got rid of the diva. I’ve backed you for most of what you’ve done.NO MORE. If you don’t have a deep run into the playoffs this year, you need to go….and if it were up to me, you would have been fired right after that first round pick. Consiering all the first round rush LB’S and 1st round CB that was also sitting there.Mark Murphy was a safety. I wonder if he thinks that we improved our pass defence.Or our Special teams. After this very strange draft.

  • globalpack

    Thanks for all the great draft coverage. However, I can’t disagree Scott more. You don’t draft for need in the back half of the draft. You draft what players you think can develop into legitimate NFL players. It is pretty rare that you have players like T.J. Lang (4th round) and Brad Jones (7th round) step in immediately during their rookie seasons. Moreover, I think the OLB rush problems are a bit overstated. While Brad Jones will never have the rush skills that Clay does, his don’t seem as deficient as what is being perceived. Brad Jones had four sacks in the six games after Kampman went down. Those numbers extended over a 16 game season would equal a 9 sack year. Finally, the problems at CB are overated as well. Just from injuries the Packers are getting three CB’s (Harris, Lee, Blackmon) they didn’t have on the roster for the Pitt, AZ games. Assuming a Harris recovery, the Packer have the best 1-3 CB’s in the league. So, what we are talking about is CB depth. Blackmon and Lee will provide that along with Underwood who will hopefully progress after a full off season workout program. Nonetheless, Burnett has some nice coverage skills, and Capers does like using safeties in sub packages so if Burnett can play dime it would go a long way to solving the perceived situation.

  • DaveK

    Jones had four sacks in the final five games.

  • DaveK

    Lee and Underwood will have a bigger impact then any CB we would have drafted after the Burnett trade-up and pick. Think of Lee and Underwood as 2nd year freshmen and essentially this year’s draft picks at CB. They didn’t play because of injury but they had OTAs, training camp, and season to learn Caper’s system and get adjusted to the NFL. If Harris comes back, they will be the 4th and 5th CB’s on the roster and if Harris is delayed then one of them will have to step in an be a productive nickel CB. Both are unproven but you have to think both Lee and Underwood will be better then Bell or Bush last year as the nickel or dime CB. Blackmon is also in play this year as the 4th or 5th CB over Bell and/or Bush.

  • Scott

    I never said that jones wasn’t any good. But it is a rather small sample to annoit him as the answer. And even if he is, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get another rusher? People, almost all teams use the 4 and 5 reciever sets. Harris will not come back to anywhere near previos form. It takes at least 1-2 years to come back from not only ACL, but PCL and bone chips.Blackmon has been healthy for all of one year. Lee was injured, Bush sucks outloud, Martin also stinks. Warner had more TD passes than incomplete passes that game. One more thing, last year before the season started everybody was saying it would take 2-3 years to completely transform our roster to the 3/4. We need 3/4 LB’S. I see that nobody has brought up our wonderful Special Teams. And it goes without saying that our Punter was something else also. Outside of Burnett, this draft is very questionable.

  • Scott,
    How the hell do you know? 1. How do you know that any of the rush linebackers in the draft will be better than B.Jones. 2. You do realize that more pressure generated by the front 7 will equate to less pressure on the back 4. To continue this point, warner had too much time to throw in the first place, if we can force quick and sometimes bad decisions interceptions occur. Also, poor tackling led to some big breaks off of what should’ve been short yardage gains.

    I think you’ve mis-identified a lot of the problems the defense has faced. Furthermore, the Bulaga pick was the only real option. You don’t skip on a highly skilled and talented player, especially when that player fills what can and has been one of the biggest holes in the roster.

    I know i haven’t addresed all your concerns but I’m at work. I’ll be hapy to check bakc on here and address any specific comments you have.

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