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Who do YOU want the Packers to draft?

Over the past three-plus weeks, we at OBOD have done our share of talking about the 2010 draft (two days away…double holy crap).

It’s been a lot of fun for us and, hopefully, you as well. We’ll have a few more posts for y’all before Thursday night rolls around – and make sure to head back here later tonight for our reaction to the release of the 2010 schedule - but we’re not quite done with them yet.

So, in the meantime, we’d like you, the OBOD readers, to give us your responses to the following question. It’s a simple one, too:

Who do you want the Green Bay Packers to select in this draft?

Feel free to answer in any number of ways. You can:

  • Give your desired first round pick and be done with it (i.e., “Weatherspoon”).
  • Tell us why you want the Packers to select that player.
  • Say who you’d like them to take in rounds two and three.
  • Suggest a trade or two that the Packers might make.
  • Go nuts with it and give us your picks for each of the seven rounds.

It’s completely and totally your call here, gang. There are no restrictions for what you want to say. You can post your thoughts in the comments section below, e-mail them to us at olbagofdonuts@gmail.com, or Tweet them to us. Again, it’s up to you.

We’ve talked enough. It’s your turn.

And we can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

-Chris Lempesis

13 comments to Who do YOU want the Packers to draft?

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  • Dilligaff

    ILB – McClain, he either falls to the Pack or we trade up to get him (involving Hawk and draft picks) This kills two birds with one stone, a significant upgrade for our inside LBs and allows Chillar/Bishop maybe to move or get more playing time at the other OLB position oposite of Mathews.

  • yooper

    Brandon Graham OLB – Michigan

  • Dave Ringberg

    Brown – We need to get somebody who can protect Rodger’s blind side for the next 10 years. Brown could easily be that guy.

  • I wouldn’t say Charles Brown could “easily” be the tackle for 10+ years, but he certainly has the potential.

    However, the players I would want are in the first round are prioritized for the Pack in this order: (even though some won’t make it to us)

    1. Russel Okung
    2. Rolando McClain
    3. Joe Haden
    4. Kyle Wilson
    5. Kareem Jackson
    6. Charles Brown
    7. Taylor Mays
    8. Dez Bryant
    9. Sergio Kindle

    I realize that a lot of these players will not even make it down to the pack but if we could have any players of the possible first rounders, that’s the order i would pick them.

  • I would love to see Iupati fall to us (or trade up to get him) since he is the most likely OG that can transition to OT. If he is not there, I’d take Chas. Brown at LT. If neither is available, I’d go OLB, preferably Graham or Hughes.

  • If you trade-up then you’re targeting a specific area of need. I think the Pack is in great position to draft for quality, not quantity, and can afford to trade-up to get an immediate impact player. TT’s history is that he already has his sights set on a player (the big exception being Rodgers falling to 24) and his open-the-checkbook policy to FA this year could be a precursor to some big moves in the Draft. Should be fun!

  • If you’re in Chicago and are watching the draft, come out to Will’s Northwoods Inn in Chicago. We’ll be watching it all weekend long leading up to our post draft day Packer Party “Packerpalooza 2010″ on Sunday April 25 from 2-7pm with special guests Frank Winters & Mark Chmura!
    Will’s is located at 3030 N Racine Ave Chicago, IL 60657
    Please forward this to anyone who might be interested in coming out. We’ll be tailgating with free brats & burgers & $5 32oz Leinie’s Original and music by Pat McCurdy! The event is free (no cover).
    God Bless The Green Bay Packers!

  • PackersRS

    Charles Brown – LT – USC.

    We can’t enter the 2011 season with Clifton or a Rookie as the LT starter. Probabilities are we pick late, and seldomly late round rookie LTs are ready to play.

    Brown needs some time to bulk, but he’s one of, if not the best pass blocking LT of this year, specially against speed rushers.

    There’s plenty of depth at OLB, CB, S, DE later on, but there isn’t much at OT.

    You pick Brown, you let him sit behind Clifton for a year, joining the game when (not if, when) Clifton gets hurt, and your franchise QB is protected for the future, thus not having to end his career early because of the ammount of hits he has taken…

  • I just voted for Iupati because he could transition to tackle. But now I read a report by a Wes Drewhouse (or something else) who has Iupati in late rounds, saying he is strictly a OG who has been a bad pass blocker. These writers are as confused as I am, but I have a good excuse….I don’t study these players 365 days a year to keep my job.

  • admin

    Hey gang,

    Thanks for all your thoughts. Really, it’s great to hear everyone’s opinions on the draft. I’ll have my “What if I was Ted Thompson?” post up by Wednesday night so you can see what I hope the Packers do.
    I have a special comment for Mr. Wheeler. Will, I can only assume that you are the “Will” of “Will’s Northwoods Inn” in Chicago. If you are – heck, even if you aren’t – could you PLEASE tell Frank Winters about our site. For God’s sake, we named it after him and we want him to know about us! Please do us this favor? PLEASE?!?!

    -Chris Lempesis

  • Scott

    They should trade thir 2nd round pick to the Ravens for Gaither, then concentrate their firt pick on a rush outside linebcker. Their is enough talent in the 3rd round to take a very capable CB.

  • Dr. Smart

    LeGarrette Blount!!!! (not in the 1st or 2nd round; 3rd or 4th) Blount is without a doubt our guy…. …. …. …. (Lemp, insert text here.)

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