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Quick thoughts on the McNabb trade

Yes, yes, I know this is a Green Bay Packers blog.

Nevertheless, I figured I’d offer up some quick thoughts on tonight’s announcement that quarterback Donovan McNabb has been traded from Philadelphia to Washington for a second round pick this year and either a third or fourth round pick next year. After all, the trade does involve two NFC teams (who play in the same division, which makes this trade even more shocking) and, like we’ve always said, we at OBOD like to focus on league-wide news from time-to-time.

(Oh, by the way, happy Easter everyone!)

The first thought that comes to mind on this trade: The Eagles better be damn sure Kevin Kolb is a winner. Because while McNabb has only made it to one Super Bowl – which he lost – despite five trips to the NFC Championship Game, the fact remains that he’s made it to five NFC Championship Games. He’s still a top 10 quarterback who, at age 33, likely has at least three very good seasons left in him. Kolb, on the other hand, is still very much an unknown. If he can play, the Eagles should be just fine. If Kolb bombs, head coach Andy Reid won’t be long for Philly - even if he has that new extension in his back pocket.

For Washington, this is ultimately a very good deal. While I like Jason Campbell (he’s never really been given a fair shake, mainly due to consistently subpar supporting casts), McNabb is a massive upgrade. If things work out for him there, he’ll probably sign an extension – this is the last year of his contract – and the Redskins will have a nice three or four year window to do some good things. If things don’t work out, Washington can simply franchise him and trade him next spring, in effect re-gaining whatever it gave up to get him. In other words, a no-lose proposition.

For the NFC East, as a whole, this trade makes New York and Dallas the teams to beat as of now. Philly will likely take, at the very least, a small step back. Washington will be better, no question, but McNabb alone can only do so much (subpar offensive line, lack of real playmakers at the skill positions, etc.).

Finally, for the NFL, this trade is a grand slam as it gives the league two more games that are guaranteed to draw massive ratings next season. Somewhere, Roger Goodell is smiling.

-Chris Lempesis

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  • Jim_in_DC

    I like this trade for Washington, because they will benefit from a great quarterback. I realize that they have to shore up their O-line (sound familiar) and upgrade their receivers. At least the QB position is solid.

    This is also good for McNabb. I like to see him free of Andy Reid as is head coach. I expect Shanahan will get more out of McNabb.

    It’s also good for the Philly fans that never warmed up to McNabb. Now they get a chance to move on. Good luck with that.

    For Philly, I have no idea how well this will turn out.

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