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Friday round-up: Old quarterbacks, new jerseys and dreadful commentators

With the waters of free agency apparently still too icy for Ted Thompson to dip his feet into, there again just isn’t a whole lot going on with the Green Bay Packers at the moment.

So we at OBOD have decided to roll out a Friday round-up for you, a few Packers-related items of note that hopefully provide a good start to your weekend ahead.

(A few bits of weekend advice: Don’t mix alcohols, don’t drink and drive, look both ways before crossing the street and if she wasn’t good looking before you started drinking, that shouldn’t change because you’ve been drinking. You’re welcome.)

  • No truth to Delhomme rumors

On Thursday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirmed there was no truth to the interweb rumor that former Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme would be visiting Green Bay.

Well that’s a relief, huh?

Seriously, some of these rumors just boggle the mind, don’t they? Why on Earth would Green Bay have any interest in Delhomme? At this point, Delhomme resembles Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn before he got the glasses more than he does an NFL quarterback. Sure, he and head coach Mike McCarthy have a relationship – McCarthy coached Delhomme while both were in New Orleans – but there is literally no role for Delhomme in Green Bay. He wouldn’t be the backup. Matt Flynn has that job locked down and is steadily rising on other teams’ radars (prediction: Flynn is a starting quarterback somewhere in 2011). I can’t imagine he or the Packers would have interest in Delhomme as the third-stringer, so this idea was ridiculous from the get-go.

And, for anyone who has suggested these other names, I’ll just save you the trouble now: No on Derek Anderson, no on Daunte Culpepper, no on Kyle Boller and DEAR GOD NO on Rex Grossman.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the Packers took a quarterback late – Thompson and his mentor, Ron Wolf, are both big on this idea – but that’s about all they’ll do.

  • New alternate jersey to be unveiled at Fan Fest

Looks like the Packers will be rocking a new uniform for at least one game this season.

The team confirmed Tuesday that an alternate jersey will be unveiled this weekend at Fan Fest, taking place at the Lambeau Field atrium. The jersey will take a page from the team’s storied history and will be worn for one home game. It’s possible that it could be worn for more, but we still don’t know yet.

I’m psyched about this idea. As much as I love the Packers’ unis, I always think it’s cool when teams break from tradition for a minute to wear something different, especially if it’s a throwback uniform situation, which it seems to be in this case. On a personal note, it throws my “Chris Lempesis’ Next Gameday Jersey” search off a bit. I now have to wait and see if I like this new one before I make any decisions.

On a side note, I’m disappointed in myself for never having gone to Fan Fest. It sounds like a fun and interesting time. I’m going to get there one of these years. If you’re a reader of this site and you go this weekend, post a comment on your experience.

  •  Some truly dreadful commentating coming out of the Twin Cities

As many of you know, I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You might not know – although you probably could have guessed – that I’m a huge sports talk radio guy. The local station, KFAN 1130 AM, isn’t as bad as you might think (despite being the flagship station for the Queens).

The 12-3 p.m. guy, Dan “The Common Man” Cole, is hysterical and loves to rip the Vikings. The 3-6:30 p.m. guy, Dan Barreiro, is anything but a homer and also will rip the local squads at a moment’s notice.

The show before those two? A different story altogether.

The 9 – Noon show, hosted by Vikings’ play-by-play announcer Paul Allen, is shockingly, mindnumbingly awful. Allen, or “PA” as he’s known by some, is a total joke. He loves everything the team does – I know he’s paid by them, but come on – and is always taking shots at the Packers (and their fans) for the most ridiculous stuff. This is a man who truly believes we are still hung up on Judas and that he still “means everything to us.” I, unfortunately, had to listen to him talk glowingly about the possibility of Minnesota signing LaDainian Tomlinson on Thursday. He spent about 40 minutes on it (it felt twice that long) and he thinks this could put the team over the top. No, I’m not kidding.

Gene’s ripped him before on our Twitter page. I hadn’t done so yet, so I figured I’d do it now.

Oh, and there was former Viking Mike Morris – co-host of the “Power Trip Morning Show” – saying on Thursday that he thought the Packers’ uniform was, hands down, the worst in football. Quote: “Are there any two colors that go together worse than green and gold?”

Yeah, meathead, I can think of two.

-Chris Lempesis

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