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While you were sleeping, the rest of the NFC North was plenty busy

Good morning, OBOD readers!

While you were sleeping, the NFC North teams not named the Green Bay Packers were plenty busy.

Here’s a look at what the rest of the division has been up to in free agency so far (scroll down a bit for our most recent Packers update):

  • Chicago Bears – The Bears are positioning themselves to be perhaps the biggest mover in free agency with two big-time visits set for today. The first is with defensive end Julius Peppers, the much coveted – and much questioned – former Carolina Panther. According to the Chicago Sun-Times’ Sean Jensen’s Twitter page, Peppers’ agent is saying he’s there for Chicago to take. The other visit, according to ESPN, is with running back Chester Taylor, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings. Since the Bears have no picks until the third round, it makes sense that they’d be active in free agency. Peppers takes his share of plays/games/seasons off but, when on, he’s frightening, and would give an immediate boost to an aging Chicago defense. Taylor would pair with Matt Forte (not a No. 1 back, by the way) to form a decent running back tandem. I’m less sure on Taylor signing there, but I think it’s a lock Peppers does. Good thing the Packers have a left ta…
  • Detroit Lions – First, the hilarious: Detroit is close to trading a late-round pick to the Cleveland Browns for defensive end/tackle Corey Williams (yeah, THAT Corey Williams). If you thought Cleveland was bad, Corey, wait ’til you get a load of Detroit!! Maybe you shouldn’t have said all that stuff about the Packers not “showing you the love” two years ago, eh? Even funnier, perhaps, is the Lions handing wideout Nate Burleson (yeah, THAT Nate Burleson), a five-year, $25 million deal with $11 million guaranteed. I believe the internet terminology for this would involve the letters OMG and LOL. Okay, so the Lions do appear to be making at least one somewhat sane move as head coach Jim Schwartz is actively recruiting defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, whom he coached in Tennessee. Vanden Bosch isn’t what he was – just 7.5 sacks in 26 games over the past two seasons – but he’s still a hard working end whom opposing teams have to account for. Good thing the Packers have a left ta…
  • Minnesota Vikings – By finishing as one of the last four teams in the playoffs, the Vikings are fairly hamstrung when it comes to what they can do in free agency. For example, they can not sign ANY restricted free agents and they can’t sign any unrestricted ones until one of their own leaves. Well, with Taylor likely bolting, a door has been opened and Minnesota seems to want corner Marlin Jackson, formerly of Indianapolis, to walk through it. A first round pick in 2005, Jackson showed some flashes over his first three seasons before losing much of the last two to injuries (playing in just 11 games over that span of time). Still, with Antoine Winfield aging and Cedric Griffin likely out for at least the first few weeks of the season (knee injury), Minnesota needs some help there. Hey, does Jared Allen still play for them? He does? Well, good thing the Packers have a left ta…


-Chris Lempesis

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