OBOD is now officially one-year old – thanks everyone! « Ol' Bag of Donuts

OBOD is now officially one-year old - thanks everyone!

A quick story: Before we were up-and-running as a site, we originally thought about going with “Dan Devine’s Dog” as the name for our blog. It would have been funny (albeit darkly so) and something most Packers fans would instantly recognize. Those who didn’t could perhaps Google it and become enlightened on an, um, interesting chapter in team history. 

Then, while a few of us were at a Minnesota Timberwolves/Indiana Pacers game last winter (the tickets were free, after all), Adam turned to me and said, “How ’bout ‘Ol’ Bag of Donuts’?” My eyes instantly lit up. I loved it. Once we ran it by Gene, it was decided very quickly that we would indeed go with that instead.

Who says nothing good ever comes out of Timberwolves’ games, eh?

I was reminded of that story today, of course, because today we celebrate our one-year anniversary as a site. One year ago, Adam, Gene and myself started this little dog-and-pony show in the simple hopes that we’d have a fun outlet for our thoughts – and sometimes, frustrations – regarding our favorite franchise in all of sports.

Quite honestly, we never figured more than a handful of our friends and family members would ever even find us on the interweb, let alone become regular readers. But so many of you have made OBOD a regular part of your experience as Packers’ fans over the past year and that really means a lot to Adam, Gene and myself. To paraphrase Jay-Z: You could have been anywhere in the world, but for a few minutes a day, you’re here with us. We appreciate that.

Of course, there’s a good chance many of you would have never even known we existed had it not been for the assistance of the more established Packers’ blogs and we’d be fools if we didn’t take this opportunity to thank them. Okay, so we’re fools, anyways…but we’re still going to thank them. Even in our earliest of stages, when we only had a handful of posts up, they were all kind enough to add us to their respective blogrolls.

And an extra special thanks is in order for the folks at Cheesehead TV, Railbird Central and Packer Chatters. Those sites have been amazingly kind to us. They’ve loved us at times and provided constructive criticism at others, sort of like a good big brother would (and we’re still sorry about ratting you out and telling mom where your Playboys were hidden).

The Cheesehead folks have had us on as guest panelists – though I’m still waiting for my callback, Aaron and Corey…I kid, I kid – and sent us a ton of traffic. Railbird Central has included us in their “Daily Links” section on several occassions, also sending us a ton of traffic. And Packer Chatters has added both Adam and myself as staff writers, allowing us to share our thoughts with an even wider audience.

In closing, we’d just like to say that this first year has been incredibly exciting and fun for us – way more fun than we ever imagined. We’re only getting started here and we’re pretty psyched about what we’ll be bringing your way in year two (and, hopefully, beyond). Packers fans are the best fans on the planet and it’s so great to know you guys care about this stuff as much as we do.

So stay tuned. Like Stan Lee said in “Mallrats”: You keep reading them. We’ll keep writing them.

-Chris Lempesis, Adam Somers and Gene Bosling

2 comments to OBOD is now officially one-year old – thanks everyone!

  • Jim_in_DC

    Happy B-day OBOD! Chris, I really enjoy your website. It’s on my short list of sites to visit (at least once) every day.

  • Barry Badrinath


    I would like to thank you for introducing my wife and I to the judas t shirts we now proudly wear in MN.

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