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Childress to Favre: Take your time; Bosling to Childress: Give it up

To recap:

–Brad Childress said he talked to Brett Favre twice this week, but couldn’t pin him down on how he feels about returning, because Favre had other things — like landscaping — on his mind.

–Childress said Favre has “earned that latitude” to essentially take as long as he wants to make a decision, possibly even [...]

OBOD is now officially one-year old - thanks everyone!

A quick story: Before we were up-and-running as a site, we originally thought about going with “Dan Devine’s Dog” as the name for our blog. It would have been funny (albeit darkly so) and something most Packers fans would instantly recognize. Those who didn’t could perhaps Google it and become enlightened on an, um, interesting chapter in [...]

Collins situation set up to get ugly

When we check the numbers for our site, it lets us know what search engine terms people are entering in order to find us.

While some are just flat-out weird – one person actually found us by entering “I hate Chris Lempesis” and I swear to God that’s true (yeah, I remember her) - most are Green [...]

Pickett gets franchise tag ... and thoughts on Westbrook

Greetings, faithful readers — and apologies for my extended absence from the site. I’ve been tied up with a number of different work projects lately, but Chris has done an admirable job holding things down, as he always does. Anyway…

The Packers placed the franchise tag on defensive tackle Ryan Pickett today, meaning he’ll earn at [...]

Thoughts on Pickett, LT and Mike Mayock

Since they say that three is the magic number – why am I making a “Schoolhouse Rock” reference? I wasn’t even born when that show was on – here are some thoughts on the three biggest Green Bay Packers-related news items of the day.

Report: Ryan Pickett to be franchised if new deal not reached by [...]

Martin re-signs; still, special teams struggles must be fixed before next season

Finally, some actual news came from the Green Bay Packers on Monday night as they re-signed strong safety/special teams ace Derrick Martin to a two-year contract, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Terms were not immediately announced.

Martin was scheduled to be a restricted free agent. With a long list of players set for restricted free agency, [...]

WE are checking in…and turning the floor over to YOU

So, the last time we talked, we discussed Brett Favre (blech).

It’s been a few days since we’ve posted anything. The reason is, well, there isn’t a whole lot going on with the Green Bay Packers at the moment, outside of Ahman Green saying he thinks he’ll be back (fine with me) and some talk that [...]

Latest news regarding Favre leaves a sense of sadness

We at OBOD really weren’t planning on writing anything more on Brett Favre.

Oh, don’t get us wrong – we had a field day with him after his latest playoff choke job. But, after telling ESPN’s Ed Werder after the loss that it was “highly unlikely” he’d be back in 2010, we figured it’d be at [...]

Muffled cornerback situation also must be untangled

Sorting out the mess along the offensive line must be the Green Bay Packers’ top priority this offseason.

Untangling the situation at cornerback is not far behind, though.

Now it is true that Green Bay is better off at corner than o-line as of right now. Still, age, injuries and unknowns permeate the group and the Packers must [...]

Peppers on the Packers doubtful, but intriguing

I was on the phone with my brother-in-law Brian last week and he and I got to talking about the idea of the Green Bay Packers making a run at Julius Peppers.

Peppers, currently a member of the Carolina Panthers, seems destined for free agency as long-term contract talks between he and the team have pretty [...]