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If this is it, when does No. 4 go up?

Just wanted to throw this out there after reading this solid piece by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Michael Hunt this morning:

Assuming — and this is a big assumption — that Brett Favre finally retires to his tractor, when do you retire his number?

Hunt suggests two years, or one for every time Favre beat the Packers this year. He cleverly points out it would then coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar (I already checked on the date, and Dec. 21 is unfortunately a Friday that year).

But I’m honestly at a loss on this. There are Packer fans who looked at this with more aplomb than me this season — I was so mad at Favre, part of me wanted them to trot out an emergency quarterback for that Nov. 1 game and give him No. 4. I’d probably feel different in two years. But if you give Brett Favre two years, he’s proven he can do a lot of bridge-burning, and who knows what will happen?

What do you think, dear readers? When should the Packers mend fences and put No. 4 alongside Nos. 3, 14, 15, 66 and 92? Or should they not do it at all? Leave your suggestions in the comment section, and help me with this conundrum.

(Side note: I fully expect Favre back next year. And we’ll be ready for him.)

–Gene Bosling

11 comments to If this is it, when does No. 4 go up?

  • Tim

    I think the year after his HOF induction if he enters as a Packer. If he goes in as a Viking, never.

  • jeremiah

    regardless. not untill he is dead i say.

  • admin

    The whole “How will he go in to the Hall” debate is kind of a moot point, IMO, because it’s not like baseball where players wear a team hat. But he made a comment the first time he told the Vikings no, where he thanked the Packers, Jets and Vikings, like they were all equals. If he went into the Hall acting like that–like one year in the last two places is the same as 16 years (and two Super Bowls) in the first–it’s pretty much the same, to me, as wearing the hypothetical Vikings or Jets cap going in.


  • Charles

    I agree with Jeremiah. Not till after he’s dead. Or until he apologizes to the Packer faithful, on ESPN, while burning his Vikings jersey.

  • Jim_in_DC

    Do not retire #4. Assign it to the next rookie QB that comes along. Maybe the Vikes will retire Bert’s number.

  • We can just assume that TOG will NEVER apologise to Packer fans, because he has excuses for everything he’s done therefore it’s not his fault. Why apologise? It’s MUCH more likely that he won’t even bring it up unless and until some Packer big shot breaks the ice, hat in hand, and asks TOG if he would like his # retired in GB. TOG will hem & haw & milk it for all its worth before grudgeingly accepting. His ego will be soothed, his erstwhile enemy will be red-faced, and his # will be enshrined next to real Packer heros like Starr, Horning. IOW, it will be according to HIS wishes and terms. On that embarrassing day, I will cease to be a GB Packer fan. I need a team I can be proud of and so far that’s always been the Pack.

  • Mark

    I will never be able to like the day Favre’s number is retired without Favre apoligizing for the problems he caused the Packer organization and fans. The Packers after being extremely congenial and patient with him for years regarding his hemming and hawing over retiring or continuing to play were rewarded with a slap in the face after he officially retired. Favre after “retiring” and once again waited until after the Packers drafted two quarterbacks and after training camp “decided” or “changed his mind” and wanted to play again. The Packers had to move on after Favre officially retired. But still Farve had to show up at the Family night game against the Packers wishes. MM talked with Favre but couldn’t talk about the coming season because all Favre wanted to talk about was how he felt things went down that preceded his retirement. Even so, before this, the Packers were even willing to offer Favre the olive branch and give him a chance to compete for the job against Rodgers. Favre felt slighted at that because after all TT “knows” what the outcome would be–Favre would win the job. Remember, this is after he retired and after the Packers drafted two quarterbacks and had crowned Rodgers as the leader of the Packers….but no Favre would have none of it…Favre selfishly thought it should still be his job outright. Favre owes a lot of people apoligies. If he doesn’t have an epiphany moment and realize how stupid he looks to a lot of fans because of his behavior and apoligize, I don’t want his number to ever be retired by the Packers. I sure hope the Packers don’t still offer him 20 million bucks to be a Packers ambassador if he doesn’t apoligize. That would be a slap in the face to many Packer fans…you know the fan base that is the support pillars of the organization and it would make the Packer organization look just as stupid as Favre looks now!

  • foundinidaho

    The day Deanna apologizes for having that nasty, shit eating grin on her face in the pic in the HumptyDump box looking at the guy with the “Thanks Ted” jersey. I lost all respect for her. But, you know, “God brought” them there. Whatevs.

  • admin

    Thanks, foundinidaho. I had not seen that picture, for some reason. Now, the time it will take me to forgive him is even longer. Yeah, not about revenge at all. And we’re not having any fun laughing at him for making the same rookie mistakes again. The ones we told every single Vikings fan he would make at the worst possible time. Not having any fun. At all.


  • 4gbp

    Grow up people – Favre is one of the top 3 Packers ever! His number should be retired after his HOF induction. Some of you act as if Favre did something to you personally, get over it!

  • Nate-in-Wy

    I have to agree with Mark. I’ll cite Evel Knievel in an interview, shortly before his death, when asked what [stunt] he wanted to be remembered for the most. His response was that he wanted to be remembered as being a man of his word, because in the end that’s all you have. Sure, Favre may have the numbers but he dosn’t have my respect.

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