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Previewing the week ahead at OBOD

Next week is, of course, Super Bowl week.

And with the game between the Colts and the Saints marking the last Super Bowl of the decade, we at OBOD have decided to use the week to look back on the decade that was for the Green Bay Packers.

So here’s what you can expect from us next week:

Monday [...]

Some random thoughts from the week that was

Reporters write notebooks after games. Basically, it’s their way of touching on a few key topics they couldn’t get to in their game story and sidebar.

We aren’t really reporters here at OBOD, so consider the following an emptying of my mental notebook (like THAT’S not scary) from the last week or so.

Schneider hired as Seahawks’ GM

Between writing [...]

If this is it, when does No. 4 go up?

Just wanted to throw this out there after reading this solid piece by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Michael Hunt this morning:

Assuming — and this is a big assumption — that Brett Favre finally retires to his tractor, when do you retire his number?

Hunt suggests two years, or one for every time Favre beat the Packers [...]

The years may pass, but Favre's fatal flaws remain the same

How could he have done it again?

That was the main thought playing over and over in my mind as I drove alone to a Taco Bell in Appleton, Wisconsin, on the cold, cold evening of January 20, 2008.

Brett Favre, our aging, yet still-beloved quarterback, had once again sunk the Green Bay Packers’ postseason hopes with an interception.

Overtime. Lambeau. Corey Webster. We all [...]

Packers fans rejoice…and Vikings fans are crushed (AHAHAHAHA!!)

Originally, I thought about writing a recap of Sunday night’s NFC Championship Game.

By now, though, we all know what went down in New Orleans, so there’s no real reason to recap the game itself (don’t worry – we’ll be back with plenty more Judas bashing in the days ahead). It was great. It was epic. It was the [...]

Favre should have stayed with the Jets

We all know the media love affair with Favre and almost every angle about him has been covered this season. Except one. What if Brett Favre stayed with the Jets? Favre claims the only reason he came back was to have another shot at a championship, not to stick to Thompson and McCarthy. He is in good position to follow through on that claim, but now it looks like he would have had the same shot if he stayed with the Jets. [...]

Offseason to-do list (conclusion): Potential free agent targets for Green Bay, part two

(Before we begin: Just to reiterate, if you’re worried this is it for OBOD’s offseason coverage, don’t be. We’ll be all over free agency when it starts and we’re already busy researching for the draft and we’ll be beginning our coverage of that soon enough. Three words: Mock drafts, baby!)

Let’s cut to the chase. Here [...]

Offseason to-do list (conclusion): Potential free agent targets for Green Bay

So, we’ve just about covered the current in-house situation for the Green Bay Packers with regards to their upcoming free agents and the players who could be released.

But what about some players, currently on other teams, who might be able to help the Pack next season?

That’s the focus of the final part of our post-season, pre-draft to-do [...]

Offseason to-do list: Packers who could be released

Unrestricted free agents? Check.

Restricted free agents? Double check.

You might think that’d just about cover it for the Green Bay Packers’ offseason to-do list - outside of the draft, of course (don’t worry, we’ll be ALL over that soon enough at OBOD).

If you think that, I’ve got three words for you: Not. Even. Close.

As we all know, numerous [...]

Offseason to-do list: Green Bay's restricted free agents, part two

Here is part two of our look at Green Bay’s restricted free agents.

No long-ass intros needed for this one.

Again, enjoy.

Free safety Nick Colllins – Collins made $3.148 million last season in the last year of his rookie contract (some various incentives kicked in, thus the high salary). Of all the various scenarios regarding the team’s [...]