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Replacing a legend: How the Packers stack up

Each week, Chris and I burn through cell phone minutes like a couple of teenage girls after the Packers game in an effort to, as Chris likes to say, “recap this beeyatch.” It’s in those conversations, dear OBOD readers, that many of our best ideas are born. So, you’re welcome.

Anyway, this week, with a playoff [...]

A-Rodg, Woody and “No slightly humerous nickname” Collins voted to Pro Bowl

It’s weird – I hate the concept of the Pro Bowl yet I become extremely anxious for minute or two on the day the Pro Bowl Selections are announced. I always hope a ton of Green Bay Packers get picked – and often try to make a case for more players than I should – but I never, ever [...]

Regular season game fifteen vs. Seattle: Time to look ahead

The Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs.

You know what? I’m going to say that one again, this time with feeling:



Sunday’s 48-10 home demolition of the woeful Seattle Seahawks – what’s happened to THEM? – combined with a New York Giants loss puts the now 10-5 [...]

Another turn in the Brian Brohm Conundrum

Six weeks ago the Buffalo Bills signed Brian Brohm of the Green Bay’s practice squad putting closure on a botched second-round pick by Ted Thompson.  I bet you all, and myself included, thought this would be the last that we ever hear of Brohm, who was set to be a third-string quarterback behind the likes [...]

'Tis the season!

This is the season of giving, not taking.  So instead of writing a traditional gift list for the Packers, how about flipping it around and pick out gifts for certain Packers.  Besides we already know what the Packers want for Christmas: secondary depth, better pass protection, consistent kicker, etc.

Aaron Rodgers – A conditional plane ticket [...]

Quick prediction for tonight

Before we begin, let me second Adam’s wishes for a Happy Holidays for all our OBOD readers.

I’m coming to you live from a rainy, somewhat frozen Appleton, Wisconsin, with my quick prediction for tonight’s game. It’s a doozy of a Christmas contest, too, as the San Diego Chargers (11-3) travel to face the Tennessee Titans [...]

Still the bain of all our existences

Way back this summer either Chris or Gene dubbed Jarret Bush as “Cornerback/Safety/Bain of My Existence Jarret Bush.”  Fast forward six months later and Bush unfortunately is still giving Packers fans headaches every weekend.

Ted Thompson decided to match Tennessee’s qualifying offer to the restricted Bush this summer and while we all questioned his motive then [...]

Favre/Childress spat a study in egos gone wild

(Please note: I was originally planning on writing my Christmas list for the Green Bay Packers as my usual lighthearted Tuesday post. But then Sunday night happened in Charlotte, North Carolina. And, well, that’s just too good to pass up.)

Well, well, well – it looks as though there’s a little lover’s spat going on here [...]

The updated playoff picture--and plenty of problems

Before last night, anything I wrote today was going to be in a state of despair. I went for a walk after Mike Wallace caught that touchdown, just to be alone with my thoughts. I got home and called any Packer fan I could think of who would be as negative about this loss as [...]

Regular season game fourteen vs. Pittsburgh: Something old, something new end Green Bay’s streak

A sixth consecutive win and a spot in the postseason were there for the taking for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

The Packers claimed neither, though, dropping a gut-wrenching 37-36 road decision to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Green Bay now sits at 9-5 on the season and while the Packers still hold the top wild card [...]