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Who dat? Not you, Judas

UPDATE: I’ve been graciously informed by reader Holly that “who dey” refers to the Bengals, while “who dat” is the Saints. Whoops. Thanks for the catch, Holly. Can’t keep my Southern team cheers straight. And if you don’t think Cincinnati is in the South, spend some time there. Right over the border from Kentucky. Anyway…

Hey everybody–Gene here, back [...]

Behind Enemy Lines

I hope everyone survived Black Friday or their Thanksgiving hangover (not mentioning any fellow OBOD writers’ names).  Since it’s a holiday weekend, we figured we would provide a little treat for you in terms of some extended NFC North black and blue coverage.  Call it Behind Enemy Lines if you will.  The Packers vs. Lions [...]

Gettin’ you ready for week twelve

Where have all the good analysts gone?

I touched on it last week in my recap of the Niners game as Brian Billick’s “analyzing” drove me nuts. Seriously, can you remember a time when there were so many mediocre-to-just plain awful analysts? Who out there is even good?

Cris Collinsworth is the gold standard in my mind [...]

Regular season game eleven vs. Detroit: Driver, Woodson ensure a happy Thanksgiving

As dicey as it looked for a minute or two there, Donald Driver, Charles Woodson and Aaron Rodgers were intent on giving us Packers fans a happy Thanksgiving.

The trio was the driving force in Green Bay’s 34-12 road win over the Detroit Lions on Turkey Day. The Packers now sit at 7-4 and are right [...]

A trio of Thanksgiving predictions

“Gettin’ you ready for….” Not ready yet. You know the drill.

So, with that being the case (again), here are my predictions for the Thanksgiving slate of games:

Green Bay (6-4) at Detroit (2-8) – More on this one in a bit, of course, but for now I’ll just say this: I hate, hate, hate when the [...]

Investigating the Packers/Lions

(Before we begin: I originally had the idea for this before the first Detroit game back in October. But I got sick and was unable to finish it in time.)

With this being the week of Green Bay’s Thanksgiving Day contest with the Detroit Lions, it seemed like a good time to address a certain subject [...]

Two carts, two different futures

Right before the green cart disappeared into the tunnel at Lambeau Field on Sunday, the man favoring his left knee put his right hand in the air.

There’s a chance he was signaling to the fans that he was alright.

But, really, he was likely saying goodbye.

Aaron Kampman’s season-ending ACL tear, suffered in Sunday’s 30-24 win over [...]

Regular season game ten vs. San Francisco: Impressed/infuriated

As previously mentioned, our site was down until late last night (damn you interweb!)

That being the case, I’m coming with a different take on the Green Bay Packers’ 30-24 home win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at Lambeau Field. Instead of writing a game story/column about the Pack improving to 6-4 on the [...]

We're Baaack!

As I’m sure some of you noticed over the weekend, Ol’ Bag of Donuts was down unexpectedly.  Not to bore you with technical jargon, but we are in the process of switching over server hosts and while we thought it would be seamless and the site might have been down for just a few hours [...]

Gettin' you ready for week eleven

It’s almost time. Not quite. But almost.

With every team in the league having played nine games (no more bye weeks – YES!!), it’s almost time to start discussing what the ever-changing playoff picture will look like.

(Come on, sing with me: “It’s the most/wonderful time/of the year…”)

So, for next week’s “Gettin’ you ready…” post, we’ll have [...]