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So, if I WAS to get a new jersey…

Tuesdays are the day off for NFL teams. Since that’s the case, every Tuesday we’ll be bringing you more lighthearted fare. The posts will still focus on the Packers – sometimes, the league as a whole – but they won’t likely focus on the specific comings-and-goings with the team.

We started it last week with my random thoughts from my Green Bay trip.

This week, we’re going to talk about jerseys – more specifically, my jerseys.

I think I need a new one.

I’ve had three jerseys in my life as a Packers fan. The first two were Judas jerseys – one authentic and one that was slightly less so.

As soon as he was drafted in 2006, though, I wanted an A.J. Hawk jersey. A number 50 jersey with Hawk on the back? How cool would that be? Plus, he would no doubt be the anchor of the Pack’s defense for the next decade at least, so it would be a safe investment.

But I wanted to be cautious, so I waited. After a somewhat sluggish start to his rookie season, Hawk closed 2006 strong so I made the decision: I was going to ask for it for Christmas.

Christmas came and, with it, a new authentic Hawk jersey was mine.


It was my Friday jersey during the entire 2007 season. I even wore it to a Bruce Springsteen concert, as the concert fell on a Friday and I was not messing with the Packers’ collective chi, as it were (I’m superstitious to an amazingly ridiculous degree, as my friends will tell you with a groan). I was still rocking the Judas jersey on Sundays, but again, I didn’t want to mess with the chi as he was rolling in what figured to be his last season in the league.

After all, there was no way he’d EVER play anywhere else. He said so and everything.

Yeah, Hawk’s 2007 campaign wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible and I figured he was just going through a bit of a sophomore slump. The jersey was still going to live on for a long, long time.

Or so I thought.

After Judas’ retirement, the Hawk jersey was my gameday jersey. But Hawk was pretty mediocre in 2008. At some point, it dawned on me: I might have made a mistake here. Hawk might, well, kind of suck.

He hasn’t really improved, although it was nice to be able to wear the jersey to the Bears game and not be embarassed by Hawk making tackles five yards downfield or getting shredded in coverage.

Still, I think I need a new jersey because I won’t be like those idiots who still rock Jamal Reynolds jerseys simply because they paid a lot of money for it. I’m giving Hawk some more time, but I’m pessimistic to say the least.

So, if I got a new jersey, who would I get? It won’t be a throwback jersey, that’s for sure. They look cool, but are really expensive and I’d rather get one of a current player.

That narrows the list down to these candidates:

  • Aaron Rodgers. The frontrunner, for sure. Rodgers is quickly becoming an elite quarterback, if he can remember to throw the ball quicker. He’s locked up for another four seasons after this one and if he keeps improving, he’ll be around much longer than that. But he IS prone to terrible mustaches and likes Jack Johnson’s music, so that knocks him down a bit.
  • Greg Jennings. Again, Jennings will be a Packer for at least the foreseeable future and is quickly becoming an elite player. But he’s a wide receiver. Their impact isn’t always huge. Plus, they’re divas. I mean, I don’t own any Whitney Houston or Barbara Streisand jerseys. Not that you know of, at least.
  • Charles Woodson. I love Charles Woodson. The guy is a playmaking corner who can singlehandedly keep a team in a game (see: Sunday). He’s fun to watch and is a Michigan guy, like me. But he’s old and could break down at some point in the next couple years. I’m looking for a long-term jersey relationship, here. I’m at a point in my life where I need more than just a quick fling.
  • Donald Driver. Same thing here as with Woodson, basically.
  • Jason Spitz. Not many people rock o-linemen jerseys, so I’d be unique. Plus, Spitz is an improving player with a ton of upside. But a jersey that says Spitz on the back would leave me open to too many jokes that I can’t repeat here. We’re family-friendly at OBOD.
  • B.J. Raji. I’m a big guy, he’s a big guy. It makes sense there. If he can become an unblockable force, a 90 jersey with Raji on the back would be pretty sah-weet. But big guys can break down at any minute and are always succeptible to eating themselves out of a job. I can’t wear a jersey while wondering if the player is, at that exact moment, contemplating buying a chain of Old Country Buffets. That’s too mentally taxing.
  • Johnny Jolly. For some unknown reason, there are no Jolly jerseys at the Packers Pro Shop. Someone really messed up there. A big green jersey with Jolly on the back? Yeah, no one in Green Bay would want that. Jolly, though, is a free agent after the season. He also disappears from games at times and did have that unfortunate drug arrest. And if you know me, I’m all about clean living.
  • Nick Collins. On the verge of becoming an elite safety in the league, if only he could play a full 60 minutes every now and then. Collins would be a cool and unique choice as I didn’t see too many jerseys with his name on it at the Bears game. But he has to sign an extension before we could even really think of that possibility. Again, I need some security here.
  • Clay Matthews. A white outside linebacker with long hair who was a first round pick out of a big-time program? Yeah, no thanks.

After looking at that list, I’d say it will either be a Rodgers or Raji jersey. Rodgers is clearly the frontrunner as he seems to be the safest choice. But Raji can win me over with a big-time rookie season.

I’m still undecided, though, so if you have any thoughts, feel free to leave them as a comment. I’ll let you know when I make up my mind.

-Chris Lempesis

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