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"Judas" doesn't work for you? Try these instead

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for our weekly post focusing on a more lighthearted aspect of the game.

This week, we’ll be talking about none other than Judas.

Yes, we hate his guts with a passion – for all you Packers “fans” who don’t, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to turn [...]

Monday wrap-up

Mike McCarthy can be stubborn. We all know that.

But it’s time the Green Bay Packers’ head coach wises up and ditches the idea that Ryan Grant can be an inside-the-tackles runner.

Too many times, particularly in Sunday’s 36-17 win over the St. Louis Rams, McCarthy had Grant running the ball right into the middle of the [...]

That cat Driver is STILL a bad mother – shut yo' mouth

When we – by “we” I mean fans and the media who cover the team – talked about the Green Bay Packers’ offensive weapons before the season started, who did we talk about?

We talked about Greg Jennings and how he was going to take his place amongst the elite wideouts in the league.

We talked about [...]

Wading through the Judas-hype

Every day from now until next Monday, you will hear the following things:

You will hear that Judas rekindled his “old magic” with the throw he made to beat the 49ers on Sunday. We say: It was more improbable that the Vikings had a receiver that wide open on a desperation play than it is a [...]

Regular season game three vs. St. Louis: Maddening, frustrating, entertaining Packers earn key victory

For a minute, you can see it.

Aaron Rodgers hangs on to the ball too long and gets sacked; the running game struggles; the run defense gives up big gains; the pass rush generates little pressure.

You see these things and you think the 2009 Green Bay Packers might not be very good at all.

But then, for [...]

Breaking down Packers vs. Rams

Raise your hand if you thought this would be a crucial game?

No one? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The reality, though, is Green Bay’s game with the Rams on Sunday, set for Noon Lambeau time, is exactly that.

The Packers made it that way by embarassing themselves in a 31-24 home loss to Cincinnati last week.

The idea [...]

Gettin' you ready for week three

Now that’s a little more like it.

After a predictable week one, week two had a bit of everything.

Crazy-sick performances (Tennessee’s Chris Johnson racking up 284 total yards and three touchdowns in a loss against Houston), big upsets (the Jets over New England and, yes, the Bengals over the Packers) and a team winning despite just [...]

Mid-week report: Injuries, Giordano, etc.

Starting on the injury front, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Chad Clifton (ankle) will miss the next two games, at least. With the bye week falling after the Vikings’ game, he could be back against Detroit on Oct. 18. The Packers can get by without him for the Rams game, but to not have him [...]

Aaron Rouse, the bell tolls for thee

The Green Bay Packers have seen enough of Aaron Rouse.

The Packers released Rouse on Wednesday, signing Matt Giordano, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts, to take his roster spot.

The timing of the move is somewhat curious as Rouse had just taken over the strong safety spot against the Bengals in place of an injured Atari Bigby [...]

So, if I WAS to get a new jersey…

Tuesdays are the day off for NFL teams. Since that’s the case, every Tuesday we’ll be bringing you more lighthearted fare. The posts will still focus on the Packers – sometimes, the league as a whole – but they won’t likely focus on the specific comings-and-goings with the team.

We started it last week with my [...]